God said:

When you feel heartsore, rub your heart with your right hand for a while. Your heart has been dozing. Now it will waken, and you will feel stronger. From My heart to your hand to your heart. Now your heart is right-side up again. Now your heart has picked itself up. Your heart is the pulse of life, and now your heart is ready for more. So is it in the heart of man.

Refresh your heart with peace. Your heart does not need disturbance. There is no need for you to let an intruder into your heart. Anything less than love in your heart is an intruder. Rub your heart with your right hand, and your heart settles down again. The crisis is over. Your heart is restored.

Now you are ready for mountain-climbing again. You climb once again with a knapsack filled with love. There is nothing else to carry with you.

means leaving the past behind you. Now you travel light. Now you are unencumbered. You are light and fancy-free. Everything you carried with you was a dream, and now you dispense with old dreams that you hung onto. Now you enter a simple world where nothing is held over. Now you stay in step with yourself. You are neither ahead nor behind. You are just right. You are marching with Me, and We are in sync.

Together We have reached the peak of the mountain top. What a view there is. How far We have climbed. How far you have climbed. To such heights you have reached. You have outdone yourself. By the simple act of releasing, you have outdone yourself. You have let bygones be bygones. Where did the past go? Where did it come from anyway? Now you have no baggage, and now you have a full heart. Now your heart is replete with My love. You are subject to My love. This is more than a subjective experience. It is Truth. You, My own true love, have come back to Me. You have honored yourself. You have rid yourself of whatever held you back. You cleaned out the closets of your heart. You have succumbed to My Will.

The troth you pledged is now fulfilled. You held up your right hand, the same hand with which you rub your heart, the same heart with which you pledged yourself to Me. You pledged yourself to Truth. Love is the only Truth. All else is false. Without Truth, even love in the world is false. When love is limited, it is false.

Align with Me. The world is secondary. I am primary. The die has been cast.

What was once essential to you is no longer needed. It is no longer needed at all. That is the trouble. What was monumental in the dark ages of your heart is no longer required. Previously, you thought you were in the age of munificence. It was really the age of ignorance where you held on tightly with tooth and nail. This holding on to illusion wears you out.

If your mighty heart feels mortally wounded, then beat the heart center of your chest with your right fist as the ancients used to do. Your heart will once again raise its head and see, through the forest of your tears, that the sun is shining, and that it shines for you. Look out the window of your soul. How important is your heart-wounding now? How important is it that you hold onto illusion? Why weep for a passing thing that has already passed?