23 October 2011 –

All of what is being said around the world about 11:11:11 is true, and there is much more too! This higher dimensional oneness transmission incorporates the well-known dynamics and builds significantly upon them.

On 11:11:11 a powerful Solar Archangel from the Great Central Sun, Cumthara, returns to the Earth to bring our New Earth Solar Law. We shall receive Cumthara's Crown Triad Inscription of this New Earth Solar Law for humanity.

Ascended Master Menon has indicated the 11:11:11 time-gate, amongst many other things, represents a powerful manifestation of the EYE of METATRON.

This is in turn synchronized with an AN'KII HoloGate. The AN'KII HoloGate is a composite hologram of all of our sacred planetary streams and their individual portals of passage into the New Earth.

This whole EYE of METATRON – AN'KII HoloGate dynamic significantly increases the luminosity and presence of Numis'OM (an initial stage of our New Earth) upon our reality screen.

As a group we will act as surrogates for all of our brothers and sisters on Earth as we pass gracefully in consciousness through the EYE of METATRON with the assistance of the Metatronic Councils of Light.

We will then take the planetary work of the previous EL'Zohim 9 Body Kadmon activation to the next level with a New Earth D'NA (dee-NAH) seeding.

This will involve a high-level process with the Metatronic Councils of Light. We will be assisted in activating the etheric 12 strand codons necessary for translation of the next octave of the 9 Body harmonics within our human physiology and .

We will then be ready to anchor the 1st Sacred Tone (sounding of 1st Trumpet in Revelation) into our new planetary programming as high-frequency bio-resonators heart in heart with 7D Solar Priestess and Master of the Divine Tone, Shi'Ra EL'Fa'Na. If you experienced her energy in any of the previous recent transmissions, you will KNOW that you do not wish to miss this one!

See also this hi-res image of the 2012 Fractal Line and its "spirit-tracing" through the end of 2013 to understand the relationship between 11:11:11, the end of the Mayan Calendar, and the 7 Sacred Tones, a picture is worth a thousand words!

This is going to be a very powerful and experiential transmission, moreso than any other I have facilitated. The information section will be much briefer than usual. This will mostly be higher dimensional pure oneness energy channeling transmissions and personal/planetary activations.

These three primary transmissions are sequenced to align your physical DNA, and consciousness into the New Earth Master Programming and Solar Law which will all have just come online.

Because of the length, dimensionality and power of the guided experiential processes involved, I will be providing the more in-depth preliminary information to everyone who registers in some other form before the event.

In summary, we will experience and work directly with the following in this oneness transmission:

The Return of Cumthara – Supreme Solar Archangel
Hails directly from the Great Central Sun.
Delivers our New Earth Solar Law.
Will recalibrate our Solar and Planetary Logoi.
We will receive Cumthara's Crown Triad Inscription.
Triad = Crown + Pineal + Medulla Oblongata.
Pituitary at center of Triad.
EYE of METATRON – New Earth D'NA Seeding.
AN'KII HoloGate = AN'KII Portal Hologram.
D'NA (dee-NAH) = First Light DNA.
D'NA = New Earth Adam Kadmon.
Activate next octave etheric 12 strand D'NA codons.
Sounding of the First Sacred Tone with Shi'Ra EL'Fa'Na.
7D Solar Priestess, Master of the Divine Tone.
From high-etheric Temple of La'kina.
We become bio-resonators for Sacred Tone on Earth.
7 Sacred Tones coordinate new 7 Seal Programming.
These are three very powerful processes being sequenced together by the Metatronic Councils of Light to help us accelerate our movement into the New Earth individually and collectively.



A huge Rose Light Embrace
Lara Jilaila and Immanuel Eleison