~ You Are That Which I Am ~




it is time….'s

it is time to put aside all

that you are not…all that you have

believed you were that is unlike

that which is True…


I experience Myself you..

You are Me cloaked in a body

that seems to contain you

but in truth could never for a moment

begin to "hold" all that you are…


I am having an experience as you

thru you….

and I am but ..

as you choose to love Your

you love me and I experience

that Love  ~with you ~ as you…


AS i enter your being ever more deeply

you will be asked to let go of more and more

that feels to be heavy…burdensome…

unlike the LIGHT you are…


Self Love is the key that opens

the door to the kingdom…

As you come closer to this gateway

the 11:11

self love will be the key that will

take you into "the gates of heaven"….


Allow nothing else to matter to you…

let go of all that you think is of value…


except for love of Self….


dear one's…

listen to my gentle for i will

never lead you astray…

what my voice may ask of you

may seem at times to not make sense to you

however….the more you follow the prompting's

of my love within you and follow

my nudges…my calling to you

you will become more of what I AM…

and that dear one's

is  the purpose for your being

here NOW…


You are that which I AM…

there is no ~other~…


as you let go of whatever you are

feeling    is no longer of use for you…


 as i nudge you in certain directions

you allow more of ME to merge

with you and bring the

that is the only truth

to the earth plane….


Allow your Soul to be that which it is..

Pure radiant Love…

It will be to the degree that you

love your Self

that your awakening will quicken…


Yes…dear one's…

as you take each breath

you are digesting that which I AM…

you are here to extend Me

you are here to radiate that which I AM

so that the "world" can know ME

once again….!!!


take that in deeply…


~you are here to radiate that which I AM

so that the world can know me

once again….~


Allow me to shine thru every cell of your being…

Love your self so deeply

and fill yourself with my love

so that the "overspill" can touch

and heal the world…


oh….my precious hearts…

if you could only know how loved you are

and how you are being taken lovingly

and often carried into your new world…

yes…at times it will be painful to release

that which your Soul is asking you

to let go of….


trust me dear one's…


with each jump you take..

with each leap you make into the

unknown as you follow my guidance

you merge with Me…and together

we are as it was in the beginning..

is now…and forever shall be…


I am the Divine within YOU….

allow me the "space" to enter

within by loving your self

and choosing from that love…

You first….You first..

Love of your Self first….


there is nothing that matters

more than what you have read here…

digest it…ponder it…

drink it in….fill yourself with

what is being extended here now….


with that….rest within my heart

dear one…allow me to hold you

with arms of golden light

and fill you with my essence….


~The Voice of Love ~






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remember……….you are deeply loved…