6 October 2011

: El

Kindness, perfect peace, love. Simplicity. Child-like Innocence. Beyond Mind. ones, and friends, it has been your teaching in the past, and in other pasts, and many other lives before that to "learn", no, ones, you have not come hear to "learn", but to experience something so magnificient, that in Mind, you can barely comprehend what that "is", "is".

My friends, how many times have you asked yourself the question: " i?" "Where am I going?" " I going to?" I know, that many of you, ask yourself these questions quite a bit, always searching for the "answer".

But you see, my friends, you have not come hear to "learn", that is not what you have come here to do, you have come to re-member, all those parts of yourself, you have forgotten, into this , so that, you could be whole.

But who are you? Are you this body currently inhabited this space, or are you that lifetime ago, or are you some celestial angel towering over the top of all the universes, perhaps, dearests friends, you are all of those things, and none of them.

That, my friends, is the question here I pose? For if you are all of those things and none of those things, what, dear friends, lies behind those masks of yours: That is what you have to find out.

But that finding out: Is not a process of learning. Just throw the books out now, I know some of you are running to your library right now, going, wait a second, I re-member, hearing something on page 293, in that Angelic , I was just reading, and I have to re-member that. My friend, you just did "re-member" that, get it?

Yes, right now, you just "got it", but there is so much more for you to re-member, so much more for you, "to get", and that is the process unfolding, in the now moment. How long have you spent in this now?

The question I pose, is a delicious one, it is a profound one, some of you might even, say, they would like to play with it for awhile, but be-care-ful, because it slips away fast: You know about the past: Check Mark, You know about the future: Check mark You have got (some of you), more than a thousand labels and etheric designs, plans, triggers, for "Who you might be?", But But, dear friends, what do you know, what can you tell me, about, RIGHT NOW.

Right now. That is the question I pose to you today, and not many of you can answer it, because, you cannot run to your library to find "right now", and you cannot search the past to find "right now", and you certainly cannot be in the future to find "right now".

Do do a little "homework", or Home-Work, and figure out how much you can tell me about "right now"? Could you write a book, on, "right now", what messages are you receiving on, "right now"?

I will leave you to this pondering.