October 13, 2011

Beloved Ones,

I would like to have discourse with you on the quality of Love called transformation. This quality requires One to discern a need to change in their ways of thinking and doing in their daily life. It requires a great deal of discernment of the need for the balancing of polarity in any aspect of One’s life. It requires dedication to the pursuit of One’s highest ideals and aspirations, to transform from one state of Being to another higher state.

In order to transform any particular aspect of your life into a higher manifestation of greaterness, One must become deeply involved with the exploration of the Self, one’s true thoughts, motivations and feelings. It requires the utmost honesty as you look within yourself. It requires clarity of mind and purpose. It requires a brave and courageous Spirit, for to look within yourself and see all that is there, both good and not so good and then have the ability to change what needs to be changed is that which is termed transformation.

As you walk upon this Earth and partake of all the opposing forces that assail you at every turn, you begin to learn the discernment of that which is right for YOU and that which would lead you away from your true nature. It is in following the knowing of that which is right for YOU that always creates a transformation. This requires again, a greater knowing of Self and that which leads you to greater peace, harmony and well-being. All your choices and decisions have their effect, not only upon you and your World but the greater World and everyone and everything upon it.

You came into this World to experience duality, opposing forces and polarities in order to round out a greater experiencing of the Presence within you that you call the Great I AM Presence. As such, much that comes forth into your Earthly experience comes for a higher purpose and reason than can be discerned immediately. Few there are that can swiftly garner the reason one is having an unexpected or difficult experience come into their lives and take the steps in this very moment to transform it.

In general, most Souls process and endure the experiences that happen to them and slowly learn from these, and it is usually in retrospect that the lesson, learning and the blessing in it becomes apparent. Realize that all of it is to help you gain Mastery of your Self and Mastery of traversing the Earthly plane of existence. There is more to it than you can consciously know because it involves a greater complexity of Soul contracts, karmic liabilities and lessons that you as an incarnating Soul chose to partake as you walk upon this Planet.

From the higher perspective, seen from your Oversoul’s point of view, all is well and the path that was chosen is being played out with great integrity. All those of the Light have an inner knowing and awareness of these facts of Spirit within and so they endure, as patiently and calmly as possible, whatever circumstances come forward in their lives. From the higher perspective, all is in a state of change and transformation into new, exciting and higher states of Being.

Always remember that when a Soul incarnates upon the lower dimensions, the lessons chosen were done for the greatest good of the Soul and all higher aspects of it that exist on other dimensions. It is never a lonely walk when you walk upon the Earth for you always have a team from your Family of Light who walk with you every step of the way. Continue on your chosen paths of transformation and walk always in truth, love and integrity.

I leave you now to ponder on these words. Know that you are loved and supported beyond measure, beautiful Children of the Divine!

I AM Archangel Gabriel

©2011 Marlene Swetlishoff

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