8 2011


Uriel's Message — Grounded and Re-Grounding

You enter the third dimension with many different energies that have been accumulated in lifetimes of experience. All of these energies comprise your energetic that consists of emotions, feelings, thoughts and beliefs. Each of these energies carries its own frequency and all are aligned with your healing purpose. With these energies you create patterns of thought and action that either fulfill them or move you to change them, transforming lower level energies into higher ones. You can re-ground yourselves into new energies through conscious , healing and with your divine center which holds your highest vibrations.

You are grounded in every energetic frequency you choose to be aligned with. On an unconscious level these energies are expressed in what you choose to be within your reality. When you become aware of feelings of dissatisfaction or unhappiness with your life, you are ready to release these old frequencies and re-ground into new ones. The process of releasing is challenging because as humans you feel safe and comfortable when you are grounded, even if what you are grounded in is not comfortable or secure. There is security in knowing where you are, even if that is not where you want to be.

Re-grounding requires conscious intention and courage. You must intend for new energies to become part of your reality and have courage to incorporate them because new energies align you with unfamiliar patterns and everything in your life changes. There is as much fear in the new as there is in the old and when your desire for change is greater than your fear of remaining where you are, you will find the courage to be in the space of being ungrounded, to acknowledge the end of old dreams and the beginning of new ones and out of alignment with your current reality.

As the earth sheds its old paradigms and makes way for new ones, you feel the discomfort and are confronted with your own limitations, which are where you are grounded. Feeling stuck is one way you experience this, because when your grounded energies no longer serve you there is little movement in your life. This is your soul's call to transform, to release what no longer has a place in your energetic body, to allow new energies to become part of your reality and to shift into new paradigms so you can be free to experience life on a new level. is movement and you are all ascending into the miracle vibration which is part of your promise to the Universe and you do that by choosing new energies to ground into your being. Choose those that fulfill your soul's desire for peace, joy, love and abundance.

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