6 October 2011


All the children

All the children that are being born upon earth already have the right upgrades to follow their parents, as their parent raise their frequencies so will they.

Do not worry about them, they will follow the adults and some will exceed the adults as they are more connected within already.

The new generation, even though they play games and seem to be more occupied with their world than yours, they are more aware already and their world allows them to explore more than you think.

Many of them know more than you think and will be ready when the time comes to embrace the shift that is already happening.

All the children, no matter what circumstances they live in, will be moving with the great shift.

It is you as adults that need to catch up with them and see what they can accomplish as many of them are very adept at manifesting and creating if you give them the opportunity.

And when in doubt, do not forget, your children are not your children, they are the sons and daughters of life and are going to be free.

They made their choice to be born in this time of the great shift and their own being knows the changes that are needed and will guide them towards this naturally.

Give your children the opportunity to grow in their own natural way and with that guidance they can grow into amazing teachers that will guide many through the great shift.

Teach them about the real world, allow them to express their real world as they are capable of seeing behind many layers and that are surrounding your awareness.

This is where your responsibility is, allowing them to grow into their own expression of the light of their own being.

As you focus on your own process of awakening and share this with them many will show you their ability to understand and show you how they are already aware of much of what is happening within the great shift. This of course depending upon their age and ability to express themselves as they are all in different stages of opening up themselves.

Grow yourself and they will grow with you no matter how they express this in the 3rd dimensional reality they are in.

The world of the children is a hard world at times and many are focused on just staying real within that world. This does not mean their spiritual world is neglected. Their spiritual world in within their dreams and in their plays with others, especially other children but also some of their games as the games allow them to be within a different world already.

Allow them their own world and show them the spiritual world as you move further in your own process, but do not force them.

This is not only for children as there are many adults with a partner that is not interested at times in spiritual growth. Do not worry as your partners will grow with you as they are influenced by the energies that surround you and their being will take advantage of this.

This is where we end today as we will speak more about the great shift in my next message.

Through Petra
October 5, 2011