– “Hearts Opening”
Channeled by Shariq on 14th, 2011

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Beloved hearts, beloved brethren, beloved children of God, beloved lambs here to be moved into higher awarenesses, and the awarenesses of your own masterful selves becoming fully alighted in these times of acceleration, I send you the love of Source, as it emanates through these transmissions and codes and words, as these times have been stressful over the last few weeks for many on your planet.

For the Shift now is moving at such an accelerated rate that perhaps you do not remember what happened even a few days ago for it is moving so quickly.

So much is changing. Do you even remember who you were two months ago? Three months ago? Indeed.

And so it is, I come forward at this time of your holograph’s time-space continuum to alert you to the fact that indeed much is about to dissolve in your space, in your holograph.

And I say this in the most positive way, to allow for, in these energetics and words, for there to be a very direct optimistic line drawn into the highest potentials.

There is much fear being propagated in your media at this time. And there are many distractions for small news stories that are irrelevant to the larger picture.

As you can stay focused on your own journey, and your own , and not give up your power to others, so it is that you will continue to find the steps are shown readily to you, as the following days proceed.

I, Michael, have been known as a warrior of the light, holding the codes of immense power and beauty and the integrity of the light source of that which is the higher realms, in these times of transition.

It is these codes that I bring in through this transmission as well to awaken within you your own understandings and inner knowings, so that you can navigate the next few weeks and months with a deeper sense of certainty and of ease, not focusing on that which is distraction, but realigning to that which is your inner truth, your inner beauty, and in alignment to the higher codes of knowledge.

These transmissions are ongoing during this channeling, and each time you listen to this they will be amplified within your space, and moved into the realms of deep understanding, for, in each case, the knowledge lies within, within each of your cells. The infinite knowledge and libraries of Source are there.

I simply bring in resonant frequencies that awaken your own inner truth, that which you have always been: masterful, magnificent, fully alightened, reawakened,, and, in these times, moving into the heart-based center of understanding the truth of the co-creation and the co-community of all there is.

In these heart-based frequencies you will be able to overcome any mass consciousness fear that is propagated. You will be able to see the light that is opening and all around you.

For what your media does not share, what your media does not show you is how much there is awakening going on in your world right now. How much hearts are opening across the globe, across all countries, across all ethnicities, across all realms of economic strata.

Some are too afraid to share their information. Some do not have any venues.

Yet it will all coalesce, for lightworkers around the globe are now solidifying their communities. They are strengthening in numbers and they are bringing forward the parts of the divine plan that have always been, and are now stepping forward, accelerated, as I have said.

As now, at this time in the middle of October, as the calendar moves towards the end of the Mayan times, on October 28th, it is a time of reckoning, it is a time of redefining, it is a time of realigning, and reorganizing the self, releasing the fetters that have been, to ferret out the distortions, to afire yourselves anew, into new magnetisms, not the old ferrous formats, that were very rigid, but the new fluidities of the electromagnetic fields that are being reconfigured not only in your spaces, but for your planet, for Gaia, allowing for new spinning rotations of velocities to come forward to assist with that which will come forward now.

And so it is, as you stay centered in your heart-based frequencies you will find many coming to meet you and greet you as families connect.

And as the alignments with that which are the possibilities for continue to be emblazoned within you, so it is that you will find that the old rigidities, the old structures, in that which seemed most formidable, unshakable, unstoppable, begin to crumble very quickly now.

And I mean this in the most positive way, so that you understand that which must be reconstructed, must be disassembled to some extent, before it can be reorganized.

It is not unlike if you were a child and playing with lego blocks, so to speak, whereby you are assembling something, and then it does not feel that it fits anymore. You want a different organization, a different of colors, or different of turrets, so to speak.

You then have to disassemble it, to some extent, to reconstruct it into the new design, the new plan, the new set of colors, vibrancies, and frequencies.

And so it is, this is what you are seeing to some extent already, if you have the eyes to see, with the consequences of that which has been the old rigid systems of much for the few and less for the many. And this has been the old format.

Yet we are already moving towards the formats of abundance for all, and this is what you are seeing being displayed in the awakenings of the hearts across the world, as many are beginning to awaken to the end of the illusions, where they have been fettered, so to speak, in their old formats, of not getting much.

And so, as the institutions begin to crumble, as the reorganization occurs, whether it is in financial institutions, whether it is in world economies, whether it is in the very formats of the financial system, know that as the weeks proceed, I wish you to stay aligned with the highest potentials, which will manifest, for all is already existing within simultaneous time.

And these highest potentials mean that even if there is a time of reorganization for a few months, even if it seems like all might be lost, it will not be. It will be reorganized and each of you will have the abundance and the light and love that will see you through not only enough to survive, but that which exceeds your wildest dreams.

And yes, indeed, there will be much for many, much for all. This is indeed what is already happening across simultaneous time, as you align with it, as your hearts open, you will wish to share with others, you will wish to be one with others.

Do not focus on the bad. Do not focus on that which is fearful. Do not focus on the worst outcomes. For this will assist in manifesting it.

Focus instead, if you can, on how much you love yourself, your family, your community; how each and every embodied being on this Earth plane is a beautiful soul, and deserves the best opportunities.

In these collective formats of thought, you change much, you realign much, and you move yourselves forward into the times of change and of freedom.

And so it is, perhaps you will say, well give me some specifics, Michael.

Well, I will say to you, my dearest ones, there are many potentials that can manifest. Some have called these chaotic nodes. Perhaps you might see them simply as timelines that are looking to find a way to come forward in a way that is most harmonic with the co-creation of all of .

So, if you can stay focused on the highest potentials, that is indeed what will come through.

The amelioration, the freedom is right there. It is there for the taking.

What I can say to you is that even though it has seemed stressful over the last few weeks, we in the hierarchy have been most excited and happy with the way lightworkers have been able to facilitate the rapid dissolution of the old formats across the globe.

And so what you do not see in the fear-based media stories is how indeed much has already shifted. It is simply opening your eyes and releasing the blinders and seeing that within the hearts of humanity, much is already changed.

Yes, many are still unconscious, yet they know what they do not want anymore. They know that they deserve more. They know that they are desiring to be one with the new ways of seeing and believing, that abundance is available for all.

And they will assist each other. They will surprise each other at how much love there is, how much there is community, deep within the heart of all souls, for that is who you are in the higher realms.

You are divine love, dearest ones. Dearest hearts you are the beauteous ones who came here to this Earth plane It is now time to graduate to new levels of awareness.

The consequences of that which has been are not yours or anyone’s business. It is not about who did what to whom, why did this happen. Any of these questions and thoughts, let them go. Put them into the dustbins of history.

Let yourselves focus on the future, the future ascended selves, already coming to greet you. Align yourselves with your highest potentials.

This is the time to step into your power. This is the time to claim the right to be massive, unencumbered by any sense of loss, of weightiness, of what if, what has, what might have been.

Focus on what you are, what you are creating, and how you wish to live your life.

Make this magnificent, make this abundant. Make this most beautiful, dearest ones.

And so, yes, I will not give you specifics, but I will say to you is watch how the next few weeks unfold. They will surprise you beyond your wildest dreams.

For even if it seems like it is dark and chaotic, and I am not saying it will be, I am saying there are potentials which can be shifted, if you continue to stay focused on the highest possibilities. But even if, it does not matter.

For the end result is light. The end result is beauty. The end result is community. The end result is freedom, freedom from all the encumberments. Freedom from all that has been fettering you.

Freedom from all that has been the old rigid formats of ferrous magnetism, being realigned now through the solar waves of light, the coronal mass ejections, and the waves of higher frequency, coming through the Great Central Sun and your Sun, to realight you, realign you, reconfigure you, re-magnetize you into the fluidities of your own beingnesses.

Let yourself be vast and grand and glorious, my dearest ones.

And so it is, the encodements you have been receiving through this transmission, brought through your guides to you continue to work within you.

I use the following templates of sound, working with the templates of your larger expanded light bodies to assist you to move into your highest potentials.

[AA Michael tones sound formats in the audio recording at this point]

Stay in ease beloved ones. Know that you are light. The light is here. And a new Earth is beginning.

Many blessings, I am Michael.

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