Ascended Master, El Morya’s Weekly Message ~ October 18-25, 2011
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October 18, 2011

Let us continue with our discussion from last week dear ones. We discuss much in the way of Divine and Unconditional Love, in the way of God. Each and every one of you is given FREE WILL, this is your freedom of decision making, regardless of who you speak to, or whom you are guided by; it is YOU that does what YOU need to do at that given time. Your Divine Beauty takes my breath away, and I delight in your journey even though I have seen the many turns and paths you have taken that brought you to where you are now. My delight is not the difficulties you have endured, but in the integrity and perseverance of your spirit through all that you walked, stumbled, ran or flew through. The journey that brings you here will be different for each and every individual, but the coming Home to the Oneness and to the Light of God will be very similar.

I ask you now dear ones, to forgive yourself for all the times you doubted yourself, and for all the times you may have been angry with yourself for making mistakes that were unwise at the time. You already know all of this, so does God and the Universe. It is time to let all this go and learn to Love yourself instead. Forgive all the ones that you may have hurt, either by being less than kind in your speech, or not as thoughtful with your actions; make peace with yourself dear ones. Learn your lessons; these mistakes you have made prior to this are filled with many wonderful lessons for you to grow wiser from. As you are busy forgiving yourself, take the time to forgive those who have done the same to you. Forgiveness is an attribute that can become a regular part of your spiritual routine dear ones. To be forgiving doesn’t make you weak at all, but opens you up to receive even more love and light from God. And such an act also shows God and all other Divine Souls how much like God you are becoming. After all, you are a reflection of God.

Many dear souls ask a common question; “How do I know if I made the right choice?” or “How do I know if I did the right thing?” Listen to your heart dear ones. Ask those questioning concerns to your heart, leaving your mind out of it. “Is what you are going to do be the best for you at this time”? Or, “Will the outcome of this be of my greater good?” I offer these examples to help you see how to ask yourself. And what is good for you at that very time is what matters. Don’t allow yourself to be rushed with a decision. Allow yourself enough time to really think of all the possible possibilities. This is all common sense dear ones. And I know there is more common sense out there is this bountiful world that many will admit. And dear ones, if the decision you make turns out to be not what you thought later on, that is okay because you are moving in the direction you are meant to. No one of the Divine is disappointed with you. The only one you answer to is YOU, and you are so hard on yourself at times from expectations not coming into action as planned or hoped. STOP looking at all the negative things that have happened in your life and see all the good and beautiful additions you have accomplished. Look at how far you have come both spiritually and personally. Remember the journey but not with the sweat and pain, but with LOVE as you have become a wiser and much more knowledgeable person since then.

Through the many twists and turns your own journey will take you, DO NOT forget who you are. Not only are you beautiful children of Light; you are also needed by many. Each of you has a purpose and place, and ALL of you are loved not only by me but by GOD. Look deep within dear ones and see the bright light that resides there. That is GOD dear ones, showing you, surrounding you with Light that will bring you out of any darkness once you call for it. DO NOT hesitate dear ones, and do not fear from the LOVE of GOD. It is a most joyous and blissful love, a kind of love that is indescribable and equally special and unique. Each of you has touched on this love at different points in your lives, and felt a glow or radiance suddenly and wondered maybe what it was. Now you know you were receiving Light and Love from God. A warm hug, at any time of the day or season is always welcomed.

Wherever you go on your path, bring the Light of God with you to share with those you meet. You will be prompted by your own guides to speak of God and of the Goodness that comes from following in God’s Light and in God’s way. You are all teachers along the way, showing others since your awakening what you have learned and what they can learn from you. You teach them that regardless of what you say, or what someone else says or what they may read, they have the Free Will to choose what they need and want that is best for them. Your wisdom and your knowledge will be a shining example of hard work, focus and dedication. You will not need walls or prettied up masks, for your true, real self is much more beautiful.

Do not regret the path you are on. I know you have met many hardships. Leave the boasting pride at the side and show your humble nature, one that brings you, “down to earth”. Allow yourself to be open to new and wondrous possibilities of Faith, hope and love. The harmony you seek is well within reach dear ones and I know you will reach it and embrace everything that brought you to this new freedom. Believe in the Love that I have for all of you, as it is PURE and UNCONDITIONAL.

And so it is., Ascended Master, El Morya through Julie Miller