11 October 2011


, Grids and Balance upon earth.

As we are coming closer to the point of ascension of , more will come about the Ascension of you as humans living upon earth.

This is where discernment will take place as much of what is known about ascension comes from the ones that actually did ascend in some way.

The ascension process is something that has been on earth from the beginning and there are many ways of ascension.

If we look at the word ascension, it means ascending, moving upwards.

At all times when you are awakening, you are moving upwards within your own being. You are ascending within your own being.

When we talk about the ascension of Mother Earth, we take it a step further. She has been ascending within her own being as we can see within the turmoil within her and upon her.

She is also preparing for something that we call Cosmic Ascension at this time.

It has had many other names, such as enlightment, returning to God, moving out of the cycle of life and death and more.

There have been many schools and teachings about this process and there are many ways to accomplish the process of ascension.

At this time of ascension of Mother Earth we see more and more awaken to this process as they have fulfilled their contract upon earth as to what they set out to explore on earth within human form.

Ascension is a personal process and all that is happening on earth around you is not. It is a result sometimes of what is happening with Mother Earth and you as humans as more are awakening to the real truth of what is happening.

There are many groups out there assisting and many beings assisting.

Your discernment is required as you go through much of what is written at this time.

I have already explained about the earth grids and what is really behind them but many do not understand the great importance of what is really happening.

The grids you are seeing at this time are not real, plain and simple.

They are creations by what you all call the dark cabal, the ones in control.

Their use is clear and the control is clear.

The so called Firing of these Grids is nothing more than sending to the ones in control.

It is imminently important that you start awakening to this part and realize that you can fight against this form of control if you wish to do so.

All the being that are saying that the dark cabal has been arrested, say that they are controlling other beings on earth to prevent them from interfering with your process of ascension.

Discern what is happening here. As these groups are talking about controlling part of what is happening on earth and actually controlling beings on earth.

There is already control and I think each and every person realizes that control is not the way to freedom.

Freedom comes from within every being and cannot be reached by controlling others.

You can however work on releasing the control and prevent them from controlling you.

Within the human world there are many ways to fight against the most obvious control which is your government and leaders all over the world.

They are the front men of who are really behind this, but it is a start to change the world within your human reality.

Now the change is about real change and not control once more.

Each and every person has the right to freedom and many do not see this in a clear way.

There is a divide amongst humans as many see what is happening as something that they cannot do anything about, and others see something they have to do something about.

The same thing is happening spiritually in many ways and your outer world expresses the inner world.

The divide we see within the human world is one part is convinced they should be able to receive anything free, others are convinced they need to work to receive.

One group is waiting for others to accomplish the change for them, the other group actively works on change.

The biggest change can be accomplished if all work together. When all work together each takes their part of work and what they can do at this time. Some will be able to do more than others, but this is not important. The accomplishment of working together is more important.

This will have an effect on your inner world and spiritual world as well.

Yes many things are in need of change on your earth, but change can only be accomplished by you as the ones living on earth start to relinquish the control system and move back into freedom for all.

This is a great task and will not be easy as the world around you is controlled in many ways just by being human.

But it is possible and the shift of Mother Earth into a new reality will be of great assistance.

This is why it is also very important to support Mother Earth at this time as she is on her way to making this shift.

There is also a great need to support others at this time as many are not able to make ends meet and are so much controlled by this that the awakening is slowed down.

This does not mean that the ones in great need can just sit down and wait for help.

It is a play of giving and receiving in many ways as you work together to create a change in the world around you.

Many have given up, or are at a point of giving up and might only need a small push to get up again and start living and continue their process of awakening.

Think about this when you receive and allow the universe to guide you in a way to gift something in return.

Following the universal flow of guidance is a very good way of bringing balance in the world around you.

Every gift no matter how small is important and can make the difference between giving up or moving further and fulfill the purpose many have set out to fulfill.

Gifts are given in many ways as it can just be a person to talk to, sharing thoughts. It is for you to follow the universal guidance to see as what is needed for each person. As well you have to be able to receive the gifts that are given to you.

This is something that can bring balance but follow the inner guidance and universal guidance as you step into the process of gifting and receiving as this is an important part of humanity’s process toward change in the human reality.

October 10, 2011
Through Petra Margolis