Aaawwwww. Isn’t that hummingbird cute! And so joyful! And here comes another one to share the abundance of trumpet vine flowers with its brethren. How sweet! He’s zooming in like a dive bomber yelling “bugety, bugety, bugety”, nearly impaling the other one and literally scaring the crap out of him. Then he hovers in front of my face yelling at me as if I wanted his nectar too.

Now I’m not saying I don’t love these little critters. Especially when they hover near me,  and take their nectar, and look me in the eye, before they buzz away. They do seem to embody joy. And if one is feeling down, it does help to focus on this joy and bring it into one’s heart.

But do you see what is going on here? The hummingbird symbolizes joy to us humans, but it is as much a symbol of competition for resources, and aggressive action to secure them. We just choose to not see this aspect of hummingbird. Third dimensional life involves the experience of duality. If you are here to learn something (and I don’t support the idea that “learning” is your ultimate purpose here), it’s to become adept at existing in the middle ground between positive and negative. In other words, just being.

So “being” on the planet at this time is about having experiences and remaining in balance as you have them. You can focus on having “positive” experiences and really getting in to them, but you won’t be able to sustain riding that crest, because the negative experiences are just as much a part of this third dimensional trip as the positive ones. That’s how this reality was designed to function.

Now if you were consciously creating a reality for beings to experience, would you, having already experienced such a reality, recreate something similar. Would you create a world where beings had to consume each other to survive. Let us remember that plants and minerals are conscious beings and plants must also consume minerals to survive.

What’s that you say? Why even think about this when you’re never going to be in that hypothetical position? Well, here is an alarm waking you up to your true reality and purpose. You are the new human. Your DNA contains all the experience there is in this Universe. You are receiving daily infusions of higher frequency light which is activating dormant aspects of your DNA. You are a condenser for this light to assist , of which you are an integral part, to integrate these higher frequencies which are moving her through her own ascension process. She, on a 3D level is becoming a higher frequency being of light. In other words she is becoming a sun!

And if you choose to organically ascend with the Earth, what are you becoming? You have all the experience that exists in this universe of light. You have all that is necessary to create your own Universe. This Universe is composed of light and its varying degrees. Can you create something composed of something else? Will you create dueling hummingbirds?