19 October 2011

Battle of for Peace in the !

What a shower of white petals cover your tails right now!

My beloved children, I am your Mother Mary Queen of .

How much fills my when we have these moments of fellowship with our beloved daughters in service on Earth.

My posse is made ​​up of thousands of selfless souls who serve the Kingdom of in the Host where I was called to serve our Heavenly Father, and always felt very emotional when we attune our daughters the same way, also serve the Sovereign Father of Love and Goodness.

Moments of great interest to come bring the wind turbulence that is manifested by intense air.

A focused mind when the wind forget that after the rain and gale always remain: faith and hope of a new beginning for all mankind who witnessed the climatic episode.

I do not want to spend concerns empty, do not ask it, I want you in the tenacious determination to God, the Heavenly Father, save for their children all the banquet, whose invitation is delivered to all alike …

Oh … my dear children, sitting at the table of the Father, CEAI with him because it is time to share the bread.

Outpouring Power ………. .. …………….

To those who keep in their hearts the true love in Heaven, will be multiplied at times given them everything they ask and receive your souls by Divine Right!

Exercise due to more widespread on Earth …

Mercy for all beings that evolve with you on the .

Love one after ye have fulfilled your occupations with the Father in Heaven.

Share with others the spark of love that dwells your heart, behold, before the sea of tears and suffering that still plagues life in matter, thou art divine blessings of millionaires, and can therefore reach the largest numbers of my elect …

Every one who suffers is my chosen or elected …

My mantle of love and mercy covers the Earth right now.

Feel my to your hearts …

It is now a gentle breeze hits your face …

It is the vowel sound of a child in manifestation of joy …

I'm where there's life, it is the life that we join the Eternal Creator!

My beloved children, lift up the banner of the Cloak of Love and Mercy!

Now is the time!

We are united in this battle over the Peace Love Unity in the Holy Trinity!

Blessings in the form of droplets of gold and white lights over all the earth!

I Am Your Mother Mary!

Channeling Elisangela at 10/17/2011