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16 2011


we come to communicate and to reassure YOU that ALL is perfect across the planet. We fully understand that many of YOU are falling into frustrations and behaviours that do not serve and we come to help support and in the release of said behaviours.

Illusion has taught for aeons across the planet and the behaviours of many across the planet are almost automatic, so strong has the teaching of illusion been that many have not moved into the questioning that must come before the removal of such behaviours. The frustrations are arising sharply in many who understand the new is here but do not alter their reactions or behaviours and this cannot continue.

We acknowledge the transition period for humans may be a time of great frustration and annoyance yet it is an important time and one that cannot be moved past; there is not bypassing of this part of the ascension process. For many are deeply rooted in behaviours that not only do not serve them but also they cannot actually see. How do YOU root out something that YOU are in effect blind to? That is the challenge for many at this time and the that many are finding the way forward into the new to be slow and sluggish.

Many are unaware of the depth of programming and we wish to guide around this, to us the programming and behaviours of humans is one and the same thing. For too long the depth of illusion has contained and suppressed the human race and this is now dissolving. The dissolving of the old is only one part of the process and it is vital that ALL humans now begin to actively root out the behaviours that no longer serve. The journey forward into the new is fraught with frustration and chaos if this is not done. It is not merely enough to see the behaviour; it is the active changing of the behaviour and moving into new ways of BEing that is the important part of the unfolding of the new.

Tolerance to lower level energies will begin to lessen and many will find that foodstuffs, liquids and other humans who are of a lower vibration will become a challenge. Once more we guide strongly to look at the behaviours, if YOU have consumed a foodstuff out of habit and it begins to have an adverse affect then it must be addressed. The change to another foodstuff that resonates with the increase in vibration should be actioned, to continue to consume that which no longer resonates will show greater and greater symptoms in the human .

This will of course have a major affect on the buying habits of much of the population with the natural way of growing and harvesting food beginning to move to the top of the production methods. The old way of harvesting foodstuffs based on money and convenience will no longer be supported under the new energies. YOU are what YOU consume; the vibrations if they do not match will result in various symptoms that will alert YOU to this. To move into balance the foodstuffs, the liquids and ALL that YOU interact with plays a part. This will begin to come into focus for more and more humans as this process unfolds.

We guide with reference to water and the consumption of water. For too long illusion has taught that “” drinks and replacements are good for the body and we guide ALL to detach from this way of BEIng. Water is the main component in the human body for a reason; YOU live on a planet with water being the main component for a reason. There are many humans who live in what is termed “developed” areas of the world who are literally dehydrated. This shows in how they act, how they feel and how they appear. Simply fuelling the human body with ANY drink is not supported by the new energies and we note many humans who have unveiled this TRUTH. Please honour the body that YOU inhabit for this YOUr human life experience. The body will react, listen to the reaction and take steps to bring the body into balance. Detach from the teachings of illusion that will teach YOU there is ONE way and only ONE way, each human is individual, the consumption of foodstuffs and liquids dependent on vibration and frequency. The consumption of alcohol across the planet has worked to lower the vibration of many and we guide ALL to be aware of this. Trying to find a way out of the nightmare that was created by illusion by the consumption of alcohol further fuels the fear that was taught within illusion .For YOU control the human life experience, it is made up of YOUr thoughts and feelings. YOU cannot be connected fully to those feelings if YOU consume vast amounts of a drug that take YOU away from the heart.

We note the foodstuffs consumed by the lower incomes across the planet and we guide strongly that this will be addressed. Illusion taught deeply that those who could afford it could eat well and those of lesser income would not, that is not equality and that is not TRUTH for ALL ARE EQUAL for ALL ARE ONE.

We guide strongly that the changes will be subtle, for those who wait for the ships to decloak it will be a long wait, we must work at the pace of the lower vibrations, for ALL ARE ONE. It serves no one for the lower vibrational human to be placed in a state of fear and anxiety when those are the very frequencies that illusion works through. The changes to health, to wealth and to the societies that YOU live within will come through slowly and subtly. Those who are sensitive and termed “awake” will see these changes for what they are, those who are asleep will merely see a recovery of the economy. We guide ALL that this can be no other way, for ALL ARE ONE and ALL ARE EQUAL.

This transition period will gather pace and we guide ALL to be aware of this, as YOU begin to find YOUr feet during this transition phase then the thoughts and feelings that YOU have will begin to take shape. The dreams that YOU harbour will begin to unfold, expect miracles for YOU have waited aeons to reclaim the power that is YOU.

We are the beings from beyond and before time and many as yet are unaware of our presence. This too will change and we guide ALL to be patient, we will step forward when the time is right and when the world is ready to accept and embrace the changes that are unfolding. ALL ARE ONE, we guide ALL to unveil this TRUTH and to place this TRUTH in the heart.

These are unprecedented changes to the human race and this is a truly transformative time, embrace the new for the new embraces YOU. ALL ARE ONE.

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