A Message from Ascended Master, Paul the Venetian
September 30, 2011

less than my , and most unconditional love is flowing from my , reaching all of you dear ones. Once I was the Chohan of the Fourth Ray, currently I am working alongside the MahaChohan. I do have a retreat in the South of , Chateau de Liberte. It is now mainly used to display Creative Arts in all its many splendid forms.

I have decided to come forth to speak to you dear ones, not necessarily of Art but of colour. The effect of colours in our life and how they reflect moods, emotions, happiness, sadness, love, etc. There is a rainbow of colours at your disposal to be used from clothes, to make-up, flowers you grow, stones/crystals you choose to purchase, colours you choose to draw with if you are an , this list has the capacity to grow as you can see and imagine. Even the darkest of colours can hold much information dear ones, but not to be taken necessarily as negative. All colours have different influences on the wearer and the person’s state of mind at the time.

Take notice of the colours you generally choose, are they earthy colours, or colours that speak of another element, like water, air or fire? Do the colours you choose speak of love, do they speak of sadness. There is much to be said about colours. You are a being of Light, never forget this. As a being of Light you live within your own set of colours, your auric field. Each of you has one, and each is very beautiful and unique. I will leave the colours with you to ponder on as we move onto my next topic dear ones.

I wish for all the beautiful beings of this bountiful planet to live in harmony, and to be happy. You live in a world where money plays a huge contributing factor, but does not bring you the true, pure happiness I speak of. The many of you are pursuing comes from the heart and costs nothing but the willingness to give unconditionally and to accept ALL beings as equal and deserving of such a pure love. This giving and receiving of love brings about feelings of love and when this love is given and received with the purest of intent, it will bring out more happiness, and happiness than your money could.

With your world moving so quickly and the economy changing so dramatically, you are being kept on your toes to keep up. I remind you to look at all you have so far, feel your guides working with you, as you count the blessings you are given every day. Blessings come in many forms. Blessings could be a child’s good morning smile, or the fact that you rose out of bed and got up, a purr or wagging tail from a loving pet, to having a roof over your head; blessings are numerous and for the most part become forgotten. Take a moment every once in a while to see really see, with your heart all the blessings you live with. Don’t just look at the negatives that are currently in your life, see all the many positives you have.

There is so much pressure you live with every day, from children, TV, peers, relatives and partners to obtain a new this or a new that only because it is NEW and shiny. It doesn’t mean you need it right then and there. Learn to live more simply without having to buy the latest gadget or electronic that is put on the market. Living in a more simple and joyful way will calm these pressures dear ones. This takes practice and dedication, and for some, some resistance. It can be quite addictive buying new items. There are other things you can do with your time, effort and even money dear ones. There are plenty of selfless things you can do to help others that will be more fulfilling in the long run. Your heart will open more, overflowing with so much love and light from the joy of doing something for others. Think creatively, with colours, the joy of colourful music that gives you inspiration.

The brilliant colour of God and his love always walks with you dear ones. We guide you to see the beauty that surrounds you, the beauty that many have taken for granted. Think as an artist and their easel, the colours and richness of leaves, tree bark, depth of flower colours, serenity of the colour of the sky at different times of day, and all the joyful hues that are everywhere to be viewed and enjoyed. See the iridescent colour of bird’s wing, or the brilliant shade of red that is found in between a Lady Bug’s spots. You are surrounded by so much that gives even more inspiration. Next time you get to walk within a nature setting, look at the splendour before you, see with your heart. Feel the joy that is there, always has been. Reach out your hand to feel the roughness of tree’s trunk or the smoothness of a rock, the different textures provided by nature for to touch brings much joy to the senses. When was the last time, you touched a leaf to feel the thickness or thinness, or touched the tickling softness of a fallen feather from a bird? All these examples are showing ways of finding pleasure that costs very little to nothing. Allow the tapestry of the beauty of nature fill your senses and God fills you with unending love and light. You too dear ones are considered to be a walking, living art form. How can you not? Look at all the beautiful and colourful spirits that are here. You shine with so much brilliance and radiate love from the purest of levels, from your soul to be shared with all others. Not only are the colours of your spirit that makes you beautiful, your love, your compassion and kindness shines like a beacon.

Oh yes, there will be challenges, you know this; during your challenges, remember the beauty that is within you and love that surrounds you always. You are surrounded by so much love dear ones. Allow my rainbow frequency of love reach you and guide you along your way. Call upon me dear ones when you are in need of a colour boost that will help light your way out of the gloom that may be before you. Know I love you dear ones with all my heart and soul.

And so it is, Ascended Master, Paul the Venetian through Julie Miller