17 October 2011

Channeler: Gaia's Daughter of

Pause for a moment. Brew yourself a nice cup of coffee or tea and reminisce about you – how much you have grown in the past Earthly year or so, how far you have gone, how much you have changed for the better, how much you have shed, released, let go…

While you may not yet be exactly where you would love to be, where you think you should be, take a look at the distance you have travelled.

Be proud of yourself for the obstacles you have overcome, for all the gifts and talents you have uncovered, for all your hard and dedication… Even with the detours, flat tires and all, you have come a long way!

Your journey itself helps shape who you are. It's important to stop once in a while and take stock at what you have accomplished. To take a few pictures if you will and enjoy the view…

Things are not always easy for you, in fact you have been through many highs and lows, smooth sailing and bumps. Sill, you stay committed, you do the work, the introspection, the decluttering, the meditation, and you disregard respectfully the unsupportive comments of those who do not understand or are in fear.

It is OK to take breaks now and then you know. To celebrate milestones of your choosing. Sometimes you get so enthralled in the seriousness of the work, in the shift that you are overly in the spirit and not enough in the .

Have a piece of celebratory cake and slowly enjoy every bite. Hold your coffee mug to your chest, feel its warmth and smell the wonderful aroma of the before taking a sip.

Enjoy every experience being in your body allows you to live. Be thankful for them.

Being in oneness involves balance between body and spirit.

Laugh more. It seems your world has grown too serious. Laughter is light from the heart. It makes better, clearer. Great epiphanies, revelations, inventions and solutions materialize through the joy of laughter.

Taking the time to enjoy life, to relax, to do silly things makes you more productive in all aspects of your life. It helps keep you whole, and seals any cracks in your light body.

You can be responsible and spiritual and still have fun.

And taking the time to see what you have gone through – good and bad – provides you perspective. Quite often, you do more and better than you give yourself credit for. You tend to be your harshest critic instead of your best ally/supporter.

With all your responsibilities and obligations, including your needs such as sleep and nourishment, sometimes there is not much time left for your hobbies and your spiritual work/growth.

Still, you find time for it. You even incorporate it in all aspects of your life. Making it a way of being.

You strive for oneness no matter your living/working conditions.

You turn away from "mindless" or empty things like shopping for recreation, watching TV or other entertainment to concentrate on the things that truly matter to you or that make a difference in your life and that of others. Considering how your society tends to be, making a choice to disregard all the chatter is quite amazing in itself.

In fact, that deserves applause, celebration!

Remember to celebrate yourself, your accomplishment and those of the people you love and admire.

Give yourself a pat on the back for everything that you do – not only to talk on your path, but to enjoy your journey. You are the most important person in your world, an amazing agent for change, celebrate yourself for all that you are!

This is all.

Much Light and Love to Everyone

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