A Message from Ascended Master, Eriel
Channeled by
October 10, 2011

Greetings dear ones, it gives me great pleasure to speak to so many of God’s children. My name is Eriel. I am the Hierarch of the Retreat. I work closely with the angels of the purple flame and my direction is with children, mainly the children that have recently passed on, and require a gentle hand that will prepare them for their next reincarnation.

The children of the Earth require so much love, care, adoring attention. I give this willingly to all children. Not one child is ever turned away from my outstretched arms that offer comfort, love and understanding. Such gentle souls children have; innocence that is to be protected as long as possible. And such an effort is difficult during the hectic times that are very apparent upon Earth these days. And at the same time giving these beautiful spirits to dance, play and grow. I know many wish they could lock up their precious babes, to shield them from the world. That is understandable, but not wise as they are in need to learn also. And some do learn quicker than others about life and what it holds. All children regardless of income, race, or culture deserve love that is unconditional and lacking of pity. Feeling sorry does not help, but your actions that are of the purest intent will help more than your sad thoughts of children that have seen too much suffering. Reach to children, if you can through organizations, community centres, schools, nurseries that require voluntary assistance, even hospitals that are designated for children or that have a special wing for children. There are many possibilities available to anyone that wishes to give some of their free time to a child or children that require attention. See the good you can do. Help a family at that is struggling to buy a gift or even groceries. There are many ways dear ones that you can help a child.

Of the many children that are in your life, love them deeply and dearly. Let them know how much they mean to you and that you value you them. Don’t look at the difficulty you may be in, look at their precious smiles as they nod in understanding and acceptance. Whenever a child is deeply sad and you cannot fix this sadness, call upon me at my retreat in Arizona. I will gladly assist your dear child, and guide you and your child to SOUL-utions that will benefit not just the child but the parent or caregiver also. Letting the child know they are loved by God and that God is always present in their lives, and in their heart is another way to encourage a child out of any deep sadness. It will give them something to possibly think about. They will at some point try to connect to that thought and reach God on an innocent level that only a child can do. Your child will bask in the Love given freely from God and know someone is there for them even they cannot see them. They will learn from your gentle guidance and encouragement that they truly are never alone.

As I mentioned I assist children who have recently passed on. This is always a sad and confusing time for the recently departed child. Not to mention the parents and the family left behind. When they pass over, they meet me and many of the angels of the purple flame. Many hugs are given along with so much unconditional love and support. Once they realize they are okay now, they will begin to prepare for their next reincarnation. I assist in guiding them wherever this may lead. All the children of Earth are well cared for and loved by all beings of the Divine. We take great care of being tremendously gentle and communicate to them in whatever means they will understand. What confusion they pass on with is quickly released dear ones and that confusion turns into understanding very quickly. Children as you know are very adaptable.

This dear one I have chosen to speak through is feeling ill at the moment. I will continue our discussion soon. Give your precious children an extra hug today, or when you see them next, letting them know you much you care and appreciate them. Any additional time spent with them will be noted by them, never worry about that; you are creating wonderful memories that will live on for a very long time. My love for all of you and your children is endless.

And so it is….Ascended Master, Eriel through Julie Miller