3 2011

: Rev.

Part of the explanation why so many are feeling a great fatigue and others are feeling anxious and even depressed is due to the great vibratory movement that is made in periods of high level solar storm activity; such as you experienced last week in your weather. All that is considered dross or will be simply "vibrated out" of your experience. You do not have to concern yourself with , thoughts or creations of value being removed; only that which is false or out of alignment with Love will not remain. Again, the extent in which you resist or attempt to control the process will determine the ease of your experience. There is nothing to fear as the avatar of perfect health and balance exists within all of you.

Also on the subject of CME/Solar Flare activity: You may find that during periods of high CME activity, the routines in your daily life change. Since your sleeping patterns may be disrupted, the flow of your day must be adapted accordingly. Another thing to note about this and their correspondence to key dates in the Mayan Calendar, is that you are being moved from linear time to circular time, especially during these weather periods. This is why your the timing of your days may seem very strange as if they are moving very quickly; while on other days may seem to be moving slower. The best way to adapt to these changes is to be flexible and centered in the NOW moment as much as possible. Shanti. ~ The Keepers, 10.3.11