30 October 2011

Channeler: RActurus

Color Map of the Human

Your scientists and doctors are well aware of many that come into being in your bodies. They are not, however, aware of the color scheme that makes up ones body. Let’s go to the story of its creation first. Your body rose from water lit up by the bright light of the sun. First it was the ribs in the shape of a boat, then other organs. Then we needed to give you life. As you lay there breathless full of light, you needed water inside you but it could not be water from the well. It had to stand out everywhere. It had to visible on any surface. So, we gave you red water substance and called it blood. Red is the color of life. There are many shades of life colors such as pink, which regard with love qualities. Now, this red water runs through you and you forget its color until you see it. It also runs through you in blue color in your veins. Blue is the color of light. It is the color protection and wisdom in its many shades.

Already, in just two colors you already see that you have feminine and masculine colors running through your body encoding the water that moves through you. We gave you many hints as to what the body is made up of. First of all we left the mummies to show you how the bones can survive for many years. However, do you see any of the water preserved from the body? You see, the water leaves, evaporates, when you leave the body and your bones can be saved. What does that tell you about who you are and what your blood really is? Some people faint at the sight of blood, why do you think that is? You would understand that is encoded as water can be and the encoding is you, the true you that leaves the body when it stops functioning properly.

Let’s get back to the colors of your body now. You have red and blue. Then you have sight. You would think that someone would go: “hmmm, something that lets me see is made up of many colors with one dominating color and it’s placed in a white ” but we don’t expect you to understand why that’s important at this point. You used your skin color to separate yourselves in the worst way possible. The skin color is the least important factor in your body. It is outside of your , your home.

Now, you have many situations when your body gets damaged with what you call diseases. All of them have colors associated with them. If you have an you may get a bruise that turns very specific colors. If you have any of your so- called diseases, you will find colors associated with them. If you build a map of colors of your body and the colors of those diseases, you will find solutions to their treatment. The treatment is nothing more than returning the sick part to its original color vibration. How many of your doctors know anything about colors and their vibrations? This is the kind of whole brain thinking that is needed to solve problems you face on earth. Stop dividing yourself into small pieces. Unite the collective knowledge and expertise and it will show you a bigger picture. The way to do that is to start with the colors in your body and around you. We need scientists to understand color and painters to understand science. That is the new world.

I end now. I am Ra.

Source: http://lightbodyactivation.net/community//blogs/entry/Color-Map-of-the-Human-Body