25 October 2011

: Gaia's Daughter of

Relax. Get your things in order – We have noticed that quite a number of you have fallen behind with some of your affairs as of late. Yes, there is a lot going on, and you seem to be reacting/responding differently to your world as it is and as it is evolving.

Remember that there are at least three main energy currents: your personal one, that of the collective, and Us (Nature, the Earth//Cosmos). To simplify things, we are regrouping all the currents of the latter into one.

When the three are all moving at the same speed and/or direction, everything flows rather well, smoothly. But that is not always the case.

This is why you have off days where your own personal current is steady and "grounded", yet you feel frazzled or clumsy or off. One or both of the other currents may be overly active or extremely sluggish, which also affects you in different ways.

So, some things have not been getting done for "energetic current" reasons. For instance, many of you have developed a sudden aversion or dislike for computer work.

By that We mean you have trouble getting yourself to spend prolonged periods of in front of the computer to do any type of work when before, you would happily spend hours and hours on the thing after being in front of it the entire day at work.

It is simply a natural energy field process you are going through. So is the , in case you had not noticed.

The same goes for being with or around people. It may be quite challenging lately for you to be around people the same way you did before. It seems being around your is more than enough. Not necessarily all the time, but more often than before.

Another aspect is the need for rest and quiet time. It is quite present for some still. For some it has receded or stabilized a bit. However for others, it has increased.

The last aspect We will mention is your appetite. There may be others. It is possible your appetite or eating schedule has changed, or even the types of you crave.

See how your reacts when you follow your 's/intuition's guidance, and how you feel when you stick to what you have always done.

Then see in what scenario you experience an enhanced well-being and follow that – not only for the food you consume, but for everything else, like rest, overall activity, spending time with people.

Remember to be fluid and to keep listening. For you may need increased rest or a in diet for a few weeks or a month, for example, and then you will receive other messages to return to how you had always been or a slight .

The key is to always listen, and to avoid assuming and jumping to conclusions, leading you to get stuck in a new pattern. Every tide is different you see. And there are periods where the tide rises higher, and others where the low tide cycles are longer. The sea and the moon just flow with it, never forcing the tide to rise higher than is required at a particular time, or go lower. The cycle is always the same, yet it never is.

Earthlings have a way of setting their own patterns based on external things, like man-made systems or what feels convenient. Now your own natural cycles are being felt more intensely, which makes it a lot more challenging for you to ignore them. And each and every one of you has your own tide cycle. Modeling your way of being on that of another will only bring you pain and frustration.

For instance, if you happen to be vegetarian or vegan, and somehow a specific animal-based food you never eat is always on your mind, like eggs, please be open and flexible. Have a balanced approach. If your body is screaming for an omelet, well your physical temple needs it energetically. Find a good source of eggs (organic and where the animals are treated well). Thank the animal, bless it, bless the egg. Bless yourself. Forgive yourself if you need to.

You see, your body's wisdom and your spirit's wisdom should always trump ideology (in the neutral sense of that word).

Your flexibility may (will) be tested. Not to see "who wins" or "who is stronger", but to see if you are strong enough to listen to your spirit, for as you grow, you see more layers. By that We mean that your innermost truths will remain, but be enhanced. Where there is truth, you will see it, even when you believed everything about something was "wrong" – if there is truth in there, you will see it, and your view will change.

For instance you may very well remain vegan (for the sake of example), but your judgement towards those who are not will vanish, making it easier for you to truly live from the heart and embody compassion. In other words, illusions will vanish, and the essence of truth will remain, revealing itself in its entirety.

And for all of you, it happens at your own pace. This is why it is important to avoid being tempted to compare.

You see, a lot of things have changed already. And more changes are to come.

Apart from natural disasters, which can be quite dramatic, and the collapse of some man-made structures or systems, which can be overwhelming, most of the occurrences are gradual, subtle. Meaning you have to be very self-aware and conscious ("awake") to notice something is happening.

If you are waiting for an alien invasion or some Hollywood-styled world transformation or end of the world scenario, go see a movie.

"Drama" is not our style. You see, terror and panic are not exactly conducive to heightened or enlightened states. So why would We strive to bring about positive transformation through fear or other dense emotions?

Think about it.

The best way to prepare for the shift (well, you know it has already begun) is to have your Earthly affairs in order – obligations taken care of, having an organized, decluttered space suitable for meditation, innerworks and where you have only what you need and can find everything easily.

The reason We want you to have your affairs in order is because We know it can be a great source of stress for you Earthlings. And to be truly in the heart, to embody tranquility and compassion, one to have a clear mind free of worry.

And if you are attentive, you are already doing/have already done most of the "preparation" or transition work. You see, all the changes We mentioned at the beginning of this messages is your body/spirit getting you in shape for what is to come.

Your body and spirit have a louder voice now, and they are telling you what You need as we are embarking on this journey.

Remember that there is a collective part to this transition, but also an individual one.

Both mesh and mingle along the way, but it is honouring your own body/spirit that allows you to mesh into the collective (oneness) more.

You are all different, unique. Each and everyone of you. And all of your experience your journey at your own pace.

Things have been moving quite intensely lately, and some of you may be wondering why "nothing" seems to be happening to you.

If you spend too much tie comparing journeys with others who seem to be travelling "faster" or "better", then it means you have stopped walking on your own path.

If you are looking at what is happening externally in the world or in other people's lives, then you are not paying attention to the (quiet) changes that may be occurring within your own being.

And more importantly, you are not hearing the cues your own spirit/body are telling you to evolve and continue on your path.

Yes, it is true that you are all heading towards the same destination, but you each have your own special path to get there. Your own map to follow if you will, filled with gifts reserved for you alone along the way.

As things activate, more and more people will be telling humanity and the world what to do to "prepare", what to look for. Be cautious.

Always listen to your spirit/body first. Each have their own clues and cues to give you. If what is being said resonates with you, you can proceed with what feels right.

However, any unease or heaviness means it would be much more appropriate to look within for answers and guidance instead.

Remember, you know yourself best, you know how your body/spirit reacts to things that match your vibrations or elevate them, and you know how the opposite makes you feel.

Trust your instincts.

As fear in certain groups increases, there will be many imposters or deceivers with their own purpose – either humans or entities, which may or may not be fully aware of what is going on, meaning they may truly believe they are hearing or speaking the truth.

Trust your own compass and be gentle, compassionate and free of judgment towards those who may not be what they seem or think they are.

Everybody has their own path, and the "good" guys are always looked upon favourably. And if someone took a detour unknowingly, love and compassion will help him or her find their way back to where they need to go.

Remember that each and every one of you signed contracts. Things are more than what they appear. And if you have a contract do to something unpleasant somewhere down the road, wouldn't you want people to be compassionate towards you?

It is always up to you to assess if you are being presented a lighted candle (living truth) or if someone is attempting to pass a flashlight as true light.

You will always do the right thing if you listen to your heart, higher self, spirit. Being fully grounded and centered helps you hear your voice so much more clearly.

You are your own master. For it this is your life. Your path. Yours to live an follow.

The only way to prepare for anything is to know yourself well and to trust in your won power, wisdom and light. If you have (truly) done the work, your work, everything becomes clearer with time.

For self-knowledge is the brightest, purest light on your path.

It will always show you the right way, and no matter how dark it gets, you will always be engulfed with light, and your path will always be illuminated.

This is All.

Much Light and Love to Everyone.

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