19 October 2011


We are the Dragon Realms and we stand forward at this time to help support and move energies for those humans who are finding the step out of to be painful and more difficult than they had imagined. Many are stuck in behaviours borne of lifetimes of karma and we are here to help YOU dissolve these patterns. has taught over aeons and many humans have had the same teachings over and over, lifetime after lifetime and this can cause a deep anchoring of untruth in their very BEing.

We are here to blend with YOUr to enable YOU to free YOUrself from patterns that no longer serve. Many are now realising that we are REAL, that we are HERE, and that we come to ASSIST. Our energies are such that we can traverse the different dimensions, we come as shape shifters to help those who are unable to access the various dimensions but within whom illusion has anchored untruth. Use our energies to move that which no longer serves, so that YOU may taste the freedom that is YOUr birthright.

Many realms have guided on the various levels of teaching of illusion and we are here to further and support on this topic. When YOU are in human and have lived lifetimes on planet earth in human YOU have integrated illusion into YOUr very DNA. It is this we seek to help YOU move for nothing is too much for the blended energies of ALL working together in HARMONY.

Many are still wary of our energies and to those humans we ask why? If illusion has taught that we are something to fear then ask the question why, for we are YOU and YOU are we. Many are now finding the dragons appearing in their life experience and we guide YOU to follow our symbols and our signs. For those who have worked closely with us in other lifetimes this is now the time to remember and reawaken the memories to help YOU to reveal the knowledge that is within. For ALL is within, all is seeded within the core of YOUr BEing.

We note that many are still walking in the illusion of disinformation that is available and we guide ALL to . Process ALL communication from whichever realm stands forward through the heart, this is the ONLY way to discern TRUTH and much has been guided around this topic. The blending of energies is a way forward for the human race; those who have attempted and remained in faith and trust are now beginning to master this skill. This is a process where YOU in human form blend with the energies that YOU wish to help YOU co-create in this human life experience.

We note the many teachings over the planet of the hierarchy of other realms, of how the angelic realms, how the faerie realms and other realms are somehow to be bowed down to and we guide ALL to detach from these teachings. These are teachings borne out of distortion within the teachings of illusion. FOR ALL ARE EQUAL. NO realm stands higher than any other and YOU as a human BEIng are equal to ALL REALMS.

The co-creation of the human life experience will come into BEing for many across the planet, we work WITH our channel at all times and she is slowly remembering how to do this. ALL REALMS stand with the human race, not ABOVE, but BESIDE the human race. Call on our energies when YOU need support and ask for the blending to begin, for ALL ARE ONE.

Many will trigger at our words and we guide ALL who are triggered to go within, to go into the heart and process our guidance. ALL ARE ONE. FULLY absorb that phrase and all that it entails, for illusion teaches within the ascension process and even now pulls many away from the power that is them. The power is within EACH AND EVERY human BEing alive on the planet. To blend with the energies of the realms that stand forward to help is to further detach from illusion. The higher vibration YOU carry within YOUr BEing the more YOU will be able to blend and the faster the process of detaching from illusion becomes.

Whilst we guide at ALL times not to rush the process there are many humans who have come here at this time to do precisely that. To move forward into unchartered territory so that they may become the shining beacons that propel others to follow suit. Do not stand back and allow illusion to separate YOU from YOU, for ALL ARE ONE. This is now the beginning of the remembering, who YOU are, why and what YOU have come here to do.

We stand forward and ask ALL humans who resonate with our words to join us in the etheric. For we have much to teach and much to help YOU remember. YOU will KNOW if YOU are called for YOU will remember us.

This is a time of remembering the knowledge that is long forgotten. The human race walks in illusion if it thinks it knows all there is to know, for many have forgotten that they need to remember. It will come back and if YOU are ready we stand forward to work WITH YOU. FOR ALL ARE ONE.

We have the energies to move through dimensions and timeframes, become the shape shifters that YOU always were and dart in and out of the dimensions that YOU reside within. For illusion seeks not only to teach in this dimension. When YOU have rooted out ALL teachings in every dimension YOU reside in, YOU will taste freedom. That freedom has been denied for aeons. We give much love and thanks to those humans who already work with us and who are working to spread our message of love across the planet. To help the human race remember that we stood side by side for aeons and that ALL ARE ONE.

The human race now needs to step into the power that IS. To reclaim the power of LOVE that resides within each and every one of YOU. The time to remember is NOW, the time to blend in NOW. Illusion can only teach where there is fear, dismiss the fear and remember YOU are a magnificent BEing of light. ALL ARE ONE.

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