8 October 2011

: DL Zeta

The path of your is the path that leads to expansion of your present-moment into increasingly joyful and peace-filled realities. True expansion is not about having more but experiencing more the vast universe of your own . Your is holographic to all-that-is just as a drop of water is holographic to the ocean. In this way, your contains all the love, , peace and beauty of the entire universe.

Expansion Intentions Activate High-Vibrational Timelines

In order to experience new frontiers within your own consciousness, set expansion intentions that allow you to continuously expand into new locations on the map of your own consciousness. When your expansion intentions are aligned with universal love, they will carry you to increasingly joyful and peace-filled locations in consciousness. This activates timelines aligned with your highest visions.

Intentions Activate your Internal

Through , right use of will and acting on , you are able to consciously expand into territories within your consciousness where joy, inspiration, love and high-vibrational potentials reside. As you locate and align with these realities in consciousness you are able to anchor them into your daily reality.

Every goal, every vision you hold corresponds to a on the map of your own consciousness. Do not be concerned if you don't know how to reach a as it appears to you. Simply set your intention to energize and align with this outpost in consciousness and your internal GPS System will naturally guide you there.

Consciousness Mapping and Unlimited Potentials

Consciousness mapping is a technique that allows you to connect the dots of your unlimited potentials. Consciousness expansion can be likened to traveling to different locations on a physical road map. Over time, your territories and understanding of them expands to take in new frontiers. Every location you have passed through or visited is a town that lives inside your conscious memory. In much the same way, locations you have visited in consciousness become part of your conscious reality.

Now imagine, rather than driving or reaching these locations on foot, you're able to rise above the roadways and soar from location to location, transcending time and space in your travels. At a certain point, you leave behind all thoughts of physical navigation. You simply set your intention and you arrive at your intended destination. Your subconscious is capable of this means of navigating.

Consciousness Expansion Activates Spirit's Miraculous Capabilities

Through spirit's miraculous capabilities we are able to travel in consciousness to new and unexplored locations. Such inner explorations allow us to create works of art, poetry, novels, and inventions. They allow us to channel, bring about healing, meet with other souls in consciousness and much more. Such explorations of our inner universe are the cornerstones of consciousness expansion.

Through intention we're able to connect with seemingly remote outposts in consciousness and begin homing in on their frequency and broadcast. Once we home in on a location, our intuitive guidance then offers step by step directions to the conscious mind on how it can build bridges to connect the dots between known and unknown locations. When we follow the path of our heart, everything is possible.

In coming weeks we will examine other facets of the limitless expansion into infinite possibilities.

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