God said:

You are a wonderful balm to My heart. I bet you thought it was the other way around. Accept the fact that you are good for Me. You are a blessing I gave to Myself. You are My very Being. I love to look at Myself everywhere in everyone. I see you. I see Me. Oh, I see Myself everywhere, and I see love, and I feel love, and I am love.

And when you feel Me, sense Me, you also feel love, and you feel a love grander than any other. We have a mutual love that transcends even the greatest human love.

You never perceive Me in need, do you? As the song says, All I need is you. I already have you in My awareness, so I have no need at all. I am your Perfect Love, and you are Mine. Our whole vibration is love. Our is love, and We are, after all, the same . We have nothing to prove, beloveds. We are, and that We are is phenomenally wonderful. And what We are is phenomenally wonderful. There is nothing more to say. We are the permanent of the Permanent.

On , everything is temporary. Like a in the theater, life on is temporary. A play ends. Life on ends, yet life is a diamond that lasts forever.

There is no going on or off the stage of Eternal Life. The curtain never closes. It never opens as such. It is always open. We could say that True Life is open-ended, yet it is more accurate to say that it is never-ending. Not only is life eternal, it is . possibilities. Within the that We supremely are graze . I ask you, how is it possible that I created and Uniqueness all in one masterful stroke?

To take the question closer to home, how could I create you and Sally next door? How could I create man and woman and the infinite birds and fishes? How could I create even one inch of Earth. Think about it. All that I did was have a sound come out of My throat – yet I have no throat – and yet I sing. All I did was have come from My breath, and yet I have no lungs. From Nothing I created Everything, and yet the Nothing I created from was already Everything. It must be that I pointed to whatever already was, and so it blossomed forth. Yes, maybe all I had to do was point, and you appeared, and yet, with what finger did I point? I ask unanswerable questions. Look at My . Really look, and what question is there to ask?

Instead of asking questions, exclaim instead:

"O God, what wonders, beauty, and utility did You create! In a trice, You created All That Is. The most wonderful thing of all is that You created me. You created me! You molded me out of clay. You breathed upon me the same way as you breathed upon the Entire Universe. You breathed me into life. And what did I do but scamper away from You? I retreated. I discovered ego, and I played it to the hilt. I was going to have everything my way. What foolishness. Now I know that I can have Everything Your Way. Give me Your Way, God, and I will gladly follow. For a while, I lost my place, and now I have found my place with You. I am humbled and proud at the same time. I am grateful and thrilled that I have found my way to You, and my way to You is, after all, Your way to me. I thank You, God, for all Your blessings upon me. You are my Great Blessing, and now I am Yours."