God said:

You grow. You grow . You are making astounding progress. You course around the Universe, and then you start again. You eclipse the world, beloveds. You encircle it. You hold it in your arms. You are pregnant with the world. You give birth to it.

Long have you depended upon the world, the changeable. And now you know that the world depends upon you and how you perceive it.

There are worlds within worlds. There are layers upon layers of the world, and they overlap. And you are the knitter of the world. All the yarn has been given to you. And so you knit the world. Knit well.

Every relationship you have within the world is like an engagement. Some engagements last long. Some are short. In some relationships, the wedding is called off. In some relationships, there is the celebration of the wedding.

I am speaking of all relationships. Family relationships. Friend relationships. Relationships with so-called strangers. Even when you are buying something at the store, there is a relationship. Eyes exchange glances. The purchase is made. There are smiles. This is the wedding.

There are contracts. There are silent contracts. Agreements can be changed. Feelings override, and the ground rules are changed. What has changed cannot be hidden. The wedding does not always take place.

Enjoy the engagement. Engage with one another. Ultimately, beloveds, you marry yourself.

You are the bride and groom. You are the storekeeper and the customer. You are the and the student. You the entire cast of characters. This is your you have concocted.

This whole panorama of life is a wedding of hearts, and not everyone lives happily ever after. Many have not. Consider that life is always anew. Every instant is new. Even an old engagement starts again. You are not the same. In the world, nothing stands still. All is , and sometimes the churns in your heart.

Listen to what I say. Welcome change. Welcome it. Change is your friend. Of course, change is not a reliable friend, but change is a friend nevertheless. Be a friend to change. In the world, beloveds, in the surface world, change is the only reliable. The world flirts with you. The world changes its mind frequently, daily, by . The extant world is the rug pulled under you. There is no ground to stand on. Fleeting is the world.

You may say that life in the world blind-sides you. Indeed, the world sidles up to you, and dances away, to return or not as it wills, perhaps in another disguise to perplex you. The world gives a new performance. And you are one of the performers you witness on the stage.

Sometimes you feel like a mannequin. Do you move your arms, or does someone move them for you? You are thrown onto the stage for which you have not been prepared. You don't know your lines. You can only ad lib. You do not know what the other actors on the stage will say. Nothing is memorized. Yet, often, it is the same old play again, perhaps with a different title.

How uncanny it is to be in a body on . The is a body too. You and the represent much more than what you see. You and the represent much more than you appear to be.

You are engaged on Earth, and yet I am your True Betrothed. We were betrothed in where Truth lives in Our hearts. Once betrothed, We are betrothed forever. I give you a diamond so huge, it is dazzling. I give you life in the world. It is not an accident. Look for Me on Earth, and you will find all that you have been looking for. When you find Me, you find yourself.

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