God said:

Once upon a time, you didn't know there were seeming two of Us. You knew you were One with Me, yet you didn't fully fathom that. You knew you were One yet. And now you are harking back to that time. You are beginning to hark back to that time when you did fully know.

Of course, there wasn't time. It did not exist. There was in Timelessness. When the odyssey of time became, it was then that , like glass, cracked into seeming pieces. Only didn't shatter. was still . This was a mirage. Yet how true do mirages seem. No, fiction is stronger than Truth in the illusory world. That about sums it up.

Coming Home means coming Home to yourself. Meanwhile, you search. You are looking for a pathless path to yourself. Like the bluebird of happiness, you are in your own backyard. Well, you don't even have to go that far. Where you are now, am I.

Space is also an illusion, so there is no travel. There is no journey. It is all made up. But what a lovely made-up thing it is! Just to think of looking for God – it is a trip. It is a colossal trip! You do all that packing of virtues in order to find God, and, all the while, I am sitting on your doorstep! No matter where you travel to, what mountain, what cave, what river, I am sitting on your doorstep. All paths lead to Me. Meanwhile, there are just illusory paths, and it is illusory that you travel on them.

I sit on your doorstep as I accompany you everywhere. You are looking to find Me, when I am part and parcel of you. You can't escape Me! You can't deviate one inch from Me. Despite all your shenanigans, I am glued to you, and you to Me, and, yet, in this gluing, We are free. There are no barriers to Us. There is no distance at all. And there is no time for Us to travel in either. Whither and whilst do not exist. Just words, words that unravel into a lifetime on Earth, only to be succored in an illusory return to Heaven. Heaven is not illusory. Only your return to it is. Only in make-believe were you ever anywhere else. Only in make-believe were you anywhere, for Heaven, although real, is not a place exactly. It is an untrammeled Beingness where the waters are pure and love is golden. It is from this State of Being that you have never deviated.

You are not in the lonely room you think you are in. You are not even typing. You are not even doing anything! In the world, as you know it, you have to do something, so you are typing. And, if you were knitting, you would be whiling the non-existent time with knitting. If you were cooking or eating, why, those two are something to do while you are on Earth and have to be doing something.

We could say you are paving a road to yourself. All roads do not go to . They come to Me. I exist everywhere, by sea or by land, and where I am, Heaven is. And where I am, you are. I feel you in My heart. I keep you here in My heart for safe-keeping. Nothing can happen to you.

Only, on Earth, you weave a long story on a continuum of love. There is no getting off this continuum. You have always been on it. And you are here to stay no matter what you think is going on on Earth. There isn't anyone but One of Us. Put that in your pipe and smoke it. Come out on the front step with Me, and We – I, that is, shall cast love.

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