God said:

The word discovery means that you uncover something that has been hidden from view. Perhaps you hid the hidden from yourself. Perhaps you knew to begin with, covered it up with a cloth, and now you peek at what you had hidden from yourself. You began knowing . was hidden from you until you hid it from yourself and then gave yourself the delight of discovery.

No longer do you even assume a reason to hide anything from view.

You are who discovered the New Land. You created the untold discovered inventions. You always knew them. They were always lined up in your sights. Now you merely find what you yourself put somewhere and pretended you had forgotten.

You are not a novice, no, not at all.

You planted eggs for an hunt, and pretended you didn't know where you had put the eggs. Now you scrimmage around, and you find them. With great surprise and delight, you find them.

The fact is that nothing is hidden from you. You play a game as if you could not see what you have always known. And then you play a game as if you could unexpectedly come across what you pretended to hide. This must be so.

It has been said that there is nothing new under the sun. You so desired that there be something new that you hid it away in order to discover it later on. You are the hider, and you are the seeker.

Like a dog who has buried a bone, you dig up what you have buried in some recess of the mind. You hid something from your . It is your that lights up when you discovery make.

You have even hidden your light under a bushel. What delight you take when you come upon your light! At first, a faint light, hardly perceptible, and then, before you know it, all you can see is light, and it is light emanating from you that you see. You bow down to the light and call it Mine.

Once you pretended that you were in a cave without light, and then you discovered you brought your own light with you. You had forgotten. A flashlight that you have forgotten is in your pocket. Unless you know it is there, it isn't likely you will pull it out and shine it on the world. And, yet, you are the one to shine light on the world.

Shadow is all made up. Light is the only thing there is. Light is light. You do not need a contrast. That is a myth. When you love, you are the light that you seek.

My light is light, and you are My light scouring the Earth looking for yourself. Whose eyes are you looking into now if not your own?

Let it not be said that I, God, cannot be seen. Of course, I am seen. I am seen through you. You are like the camera, or you are the projectionist who shines My light, only you may have been a projectionist who falls asleep at the wheel.

You will, soon enough, dare to be as I made you. You will forget other things and remember . You will be a Banner of shining across the firmament. You will remember that you have the sun in your pocket, and you will pull it out like a mirror, and look at yourself and look at what I have wrought and which you wrought with Me.

This is an auspicious occurrence. This is the day of reckoning. This means that I reckon you will wake up and see Me smiling at you, and know that you are shining light on yourself, and you are the One smiling.

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