God said:

As I come more into your awareness, you don&;t exist quite so much. As you remember Me more, you remember yourself less. I mean you remember less that ego self of yours, the one who does all the racing and running around, the one to whom so much is all-important, for, of course, as you begin to remember Me more, you remember Your Greater Self more.

What used to be so important to you is no longer so important, not so urgent, not so overwhelming, not so prepossessing, not so essential, not so much a star in your life. My existence takes the ascendant. Your existence is happy to serve more in the background. It doesn’t matter so much to you who notices you, who takes you into account, who considers you of the utmost importance, who adulates you, who pays great attention to you. Beloveds, it is a pity that more do not, yet being adored is not so high on your list. I am high on your list, and you are more than happy for attention to be on Me.

When I rise in the morning, so to speak, for I am ever risen, you are waiting for Me and rise with Me. You walk along with Me, happy to be walking in My shadow, happy for Me to be first. You are happy for this, following in My footsteps, keeping up with Me, attributing yourself to Me, and this is how you come to find yourself in My light. Forget you, remember Me.

You establish yourself in the Kingdom of by putting your little self in the background. You no longer have a call for fame or even acknowledgment. The acknowledgement that matters to you is Mine, and, then, as We go along, you no longer have to acknowledge yourself to the degree that you once did or even much at all.

Who was that who used to take up all your time and focus? Who was that you used to run around with and gossip with and find fault with and put before all else? Who was that you used to know and hang out with and put before all else?

Ah, now that person has receded. And now that person has made way for God, cleared the path for God, strewn rosebuds on the path for God, happy to sweep the path for God, finding out that as you follow God, as God is ahead of you, God is also following you. And, then, wonder of wonders, you blend, and you and I are One walking tall on the horizon.

Who or what else is there to know? That personality that you once thought was everything? Perhaps you thought you were the cat’s meow. Now you can’t even recall what you used to think about that little self you used to be so wrapped up in. Probably that was when you used to follow the crowd. Now you follow Me. This puts you in a wonderful position. Oh, yes, a follower be when you follow Me. A leader be to the world when you follow Me.

Then, as I say, We blend into Oneness. You understand that this was always the case that We are One, only you blinded yourself from view. You were so caught up in the soap opera, you forgot it was only a show. You kept looking at the screen and neglecting what was behind the screen.

Now, by forgetting your starring role, you have indeed become a star. shine. That’s their favorite thing to do. take delight in shining, and, yet, it is not for themselves that they shine. They shine for Me. Therefore, they shine for all. They resemble Me. Once in a while, the resemblance is seen, not that you care about that the way you once used to. Now it is God before all.

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