God said:

You are not a volcano, and yet you erupt. You are not a roaring tide, and yet you roar. You are not a mistake, and yet you mistakes make. Anger is always a mistake. Listen to what I say. You are not right to erupt in anger. You are not right to hold anger in, nor are you right to be angry. Did you really think that anger is a good barometer?

Anger is a foreign object. Anger is a cowboy riding in from the past. Anger is a renegade. Anger does not belong to you. You are not meant to be a smokestack that fumes.

When you are angry, you are that puffed-up tempest in a teapot. Your sense of righteousness is a telltale sign of an inflagration. How honorable-seeming is your righteousness. You are on fire. Of course, you are right. You are always right. From your point of view, of course, you are conclusively right. Rightness is not the question. No matter how right you are, it is not worthy of you to erupt. It is not worthy of you to hold anger any more than it is to give it out. Let go of the idea that it is virtuous of you to be enraged with anger. You are not a stove to be lit.

Fires are to be put out. Pour the water of light on them. Go pound nails if you have to. Sooner or later that of anger will settle down.

In the cool light of day, you will settle down. Anger is not to be proud of. Ego loves to come in the guise of righteous anger. What a hero ego loves to appear as if rescuing you from unfairness, rescuing you from obscurity. Ego puts you in the limelight, and, at your expense, ego flourishes. Ego simply is not to your advantage.

Until you get your priorities right, you will have anger. You will keep its embers burning. Better to be as cool as a cucumber. Better to be far-seeing. When you are far-seeing, the cigarette butt of your anger will go out by itself.

Anger is not pretty. Did you think it was?

Have you feared that without anger, you wouldn't amount to much? Have you feared that without anger, you won't be noticed? Have you feared that without anger, you will be no more than mush?

In anger, you step on yourself. In anger, you put yourself down. In anger, you are not high in your estimation.

There is a rash of anger in the world, and all of it is self-righteous. Ego really likes to sport itself around town. Ego is a high-roller.

Anger is one of ego's guises. Ego doesn't care what it eggs you on to. Ego doesn't care if you get egg on your face. Ego doesn't care how much you lose. Ego cares that he triumphs. Ego whispers that someone is threatening you. Ego whispers that someone is walking all over you. Your very own ego whispers, "Fight," in your ear. Ego is your opponent. He whom you see as your opponent is just another guy trying to make his way in the world. His ego may be feeding on him as well, and so, your two egos fight it out, and you are both left on the mat at the count of ten.

Anger is folly. Even when you have won an argument, you have lost. You have lost your senses.

Be one-pointed about other things more worthwhile than anger. Surely something is worth more than vindication you seek through anger. May you follow goodness and mercy all the days of your life.

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