When you close your eyes, you keep distraction out.

Closing your eyes is a . Closing your eyes helps you to go within. For a while, when you close your eyes, the world is put on the back burner. Closing your eyes may elicit Silence.

The Silence is always there, you understand. You are never without the Silence from which you came. Yet your thoughts may scurry like mice across your mind, and you may forget the Silence. If you are scurrying, you may be sure that you have been forgetting the Silence that is yours. Silence is your undercurrent.

Silence is more than silence. It is depth, and in the depths of Silence, you soar. Silence is the . The waves are the world. From where does the world come but from the depth of the ? is , and waves are waves. Waves are from the cloth of the Ocean. Without the Ocean, there would be no waves.

All is not as it seems. The world seems prime, and, yet, the world is an afterthought. It is a mere churning of the Ocean. Give credit to the Ocean and acknowledge that you swim in its waters. In this case, rather than keeping your head above water, dive to the depths and so ride the whale of .

Life is made up of so much more than the precipices you come across. Life is so much more, and the world is a part. It is not the main . It is an auxiliary. Life is supreme, and the light of love is supreme.

In fact, there isn’t without love. There isn’t without the Ocean you sail on. The ship you sail on has a fore and an aft. The ship you describe is .

Who can describe love, and yet love is true.

Who can describe God, and yet God is true.

You do not know how to describe , and yet you are true. the surpluses, you are true. the ego, you are. On the surface, you are seemingly put together, yet it is the depths of you that matter. The matter matters to you, and yet the matter is not of the essence. It is a protracted string. It is not everything. It is not everything by a long shot.

Your heart and soul are everything. Your Being is everything. Our Being is everything. Oneness is everything. The extant world is not everything. It is only the surface. For every surface, there is a foundation. You, beloveds, are founded on love. Recall love, and never mind disturbance. Love is true, and disturbance is made of fluctuation.

That which fluctuates is not true. The Silence within is immovable, and you, the Truth of You, are invincible.

The surface of life is a skirmish. The depth of life is Silence. It is from Silence that you came. From Silence, you . You walked out from an Ocean of Silence. Wherever you go, Silence goes with you. You may forget the Silence. You may walk on it, and yet Silence is the making of you. You cannot make Silence. You can only be it.

In the world, you stir the Silence. Without the Silence, there would be nothing for you to stir. No matter how you stir the depths of Silence, Silence is intact. Silence is a river that runs beneath all the perturbation. Perturbation is only perturbation. Silence, on the other hand, is Everything, and you are made of Silence, and so you are the river, and you are the Ocean Deep.

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