God said:

You are always rising. Despite what you may think, you are always rising, and you rise higher and higher. Despite what you may do, you are rising higher and higher. Know this. Know that you are closer to Me in the illusion of time and space, for the Truth is, you have never been away from Me. You may have been in pursuit of forgetfulness, and, just the same, there is no awayness from Me. There is no apartness. There is no distance. Distance is illusion the same way that time is illusion. Well-believed in, documented, , and, yet, not the case.

That there is neither time nor space means that Being is, and Being is not temporary. Being is eternal. Being is infinite. That means that you are, and you are with Me in this spectacular moment of no time and no space. No distance exists between Us. There are no exceptions. We ARE, and WE are One. You merely chase yourself around the game board and call it a Game of . You have spread yourself far and wide. You have gone round and round the mulberry bush. You have found ways to be stressed. If you think that We are at a distance or at odds, you may be sure you are stressed.

With Me, you can relax. Without Me, without your realization of Me, ease and relaxation are wishful . You have a different concept of reality. You consider widely known facts as reality when facts could not be further from the Truth.

You may feel that you are at the opposite scale of love, unloved and unloving, and you have deeds to prove it, and, yet, nevertheless, you have proven fallacy. You have long been a prover of fallacy. You have convinced yourself. You have convinced yourself with a lot of help from the convinced world. The world has you twisted around its finger. You will believe anything. You will believe contrary to Truth as quick as a wink. And you will uphold mistaken Truth loyally. You are loath to divert from what you have accepted and believed in. You will hold onto it tooth and nail. You will convince yourself that you are not worth much, and you have statistics to prove it, from school and your parents – school and parents did the very best they could — and yet they were caught in the trap of self-denigration.

Nevertheless, the buck rests with you. now, and talking to you.

What would it take for you to believe in your worth to yourself and the Universe? What would it take?

It will take letting go of the past and forging a new path for yourself. Take off in a different non-existent direction. Do you hear Me? yourself in service to Me. Serve Me more than you serve an outdated picture of yourself. Forget you for a while, and Me.

If you resist remembering Me, then remember love. That will do very well. Think in terms of plusses and no longer minuses. Yes, let Us come down to simple arithmetic then.

If something is a minus, discard it.

It something is a plus, such as love, then adapt it. You may feel that sometimes you fake love, and yet you will discover that it is not fake, for love is the only there is.

Unless you know you are a worthy Being on Earth, then you have defrauded yourself. You have fooled yourself. You listened to propaganda. Now listen to Me. Listen to the beat of My heart, and listen to the beat of your heart. To what is your heart set? It is set to My heart.

Accept that you are love, and be it.

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