God said:

Enthrall your heart with Mine, and We will dance off the pages of history. We will dance anew on a platform you haven't danced on before. It will seem like that. You will learn new steps, and you will dance as you have never danced before. You are learning new steps now. I am dancing as I have always danced, and now you are on your way to keeping up with Me.

How We dance is of the utmost importance. We have been doing nothing but dancing. You have not always been in step with Me, and now you are beginning to get the hang of it. Love inspires Us to dance across the screen of life. Let Us dance in tandem. Let Us be in step as We dance in life, as We dance in love. Love is the direction We go in. There is no other. Love is the only direction to go in. No other direction exists. You pander to other directions as if they were real. Mistaken perception is mistaken perception.

What if everyone in the world fostered the direction of love and gave no credence to any opposites to love? What direction would the world go in then? Does anyone doubt the efficacy of what I say? What do you imagine has held the world back but all the fussing and fuming of what does not in truth exist? The conceived negativity of the world has occupied much your . You have focused on it, this misperceived negativity.

Put your love where you suppose negativity is, and negativity will vanish from the face of the Earth. It was only imagined. What is imagined plays itself out. Love has no ending, however. Beloveds, We dance on a continuum of love.

Love is eternal and infinite. Therefore, love exists. That which is not eternal and infinite exists only in the mind. Your emotions don't exist. Emotions are machinations of the mind. You can know that because of how uncomfortable the emotions you put yourself through are. That which is true is comfortable. That which is untrue is uncomfortable.

Never mind this idea that negativity and anger can spur you on, motivate you. If you want to feel motivated, try positivity. Try love. Love is beyond emotion. The love I speak of is a constant. It cannot be trifled with. It is not insignificant. It is significant. It is the ruling force of life. You can live without all the variant forms of negativity. You cannot live without love. Love is your life-force. If you are alive, you know love. And if you are not alive on Earth, then you know love even better.

Conditions and conditioning on Earth are not true. The whole basis is false. The false basis is that anything but love is true when love is the only Truth. The rest is fiction. Well-done fiction, yet fiction nevertheless. Even in the most dire fiction, love comes through. When the last page is turned, love keeps on going.

Three cheers for love. Why focus on anything else? Why focus on the drips and drabs of discontent, why attempt to prove a basis for discontent, why stick up your nose in the air and pontificate error in the world, why find fault for the miniscule when you can let it go and bring love in? You do everything to keep mud out of your house. You wipe your feet. You may take off your shoes. You may sweep.

And when it comes to the mind, you may bring in the moil and mud and examine and reexamine them. Does this make any sense to you?

Make your mind a mud-free environment. Don't open your mind to that which you don't want.

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