God said:

The world is a circus, didn't you know that? Everything is thrown up in the air, or juggled in the air, comes down, and is returned again. Everything is up in the air and upside down and backwards/forwards and inside out, and nothing is what it seems. Is this not a valid description of life?

How would you describe life in the world? Easy-going banter? Solid, reliable? Just what you expect? No, the world catches you in a vise and then drops you unexpectedly, and you fall through thin air. The thing is: I catch you. I well understand that you may think that I too often drop you. No, I catch you every time. Only you don't always know what is in your best interest. Even that which is intolerable to you is ultimately in your best interest. Truly, you are unable to grasp this no matter how hard you may try. This, you can only take My word for.

Even your greatest disappointment, your greatest loss, your greatest heartache, your greatest tragedy — all have had your best interest at heart. We are talking the long haul. If We are talking only in terms of your short life on Earth, of course, you can only see tragedy as travesty. There is no possible way such heartache or so much heartache could be to your advantage. Of course you cannot see. No one can see. Even uninvolved strangers would say, "What a terrible thing," and, yet, here am I right with you and you right with Me, but, for all intents and purposes, so far as you can see, I am sitting on the other side of the fence, or, rather, sitting in Heaven where you do not fathom that you are with Me as well.

Let Us say, just to come closer to understanding, that you have a wondrous picnic planned. You have thought of everything. And then, despite predictions, there is a torrential rainstorm, and everything and everyone is soaked. The is rained on, the decorations, and there are puddles to walk through. The predicted picnic is ruined. If the picnic were all there was in your life, that would be one thing. The fact is that there is more to your life than this picnic. You can't gauge your whole life on the merits of a picnic.

In terms of your life as a whole, if you must judge your life, then focus on its merits and not let the demerits weigh so heavily as they do. Get over them is the advice given, and yet that is far from an easy stint for you. Yes, there is something to be said about putting life in perspective. You can put a broken tooth in perspective. You may even be able to put the ruined picnic in perspective, and, yet, how can you put some occurrences of the world in perspective? Where do you put starvation, war, and domination into perspective? There are those matters which are beyond ego.

It is hard to live in a world where there is strife. You don't have to go to a war-torn country to know what strife is. It is hard to live in a world where you are hungry. It is also hard to live in a world where your tummy is full and there are others who didn't have any supper and no one knows what to do about it. Even if someone knows what to do, he may not know how to accomplish it. This is hard for you to bear, and impossible to understand and accept. It is not all right. It is not just. It is not fair. Something is out of balance. This is true. And yet, as hard as it is to fathom, bodies and death are not the sum of life on Earth.

Will you conceive that love from your heart and from many hearts will cure even starvation? More love will balance the world. Life on Earth does not have to be a spectacle. You can get it back in shape. Love will do it. Love can solve the difficulties of the world.

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