God said:

Sometimes life seems like a delicious ice cream cone that suddenly falls to the ground. There is that most delicious aspect of life, and there is also a less desired aspect of life. Yet, if you could look at life anew, if you could look at life as new and not old hat, how marvelous you would see that life is. Life can do anything. It can give you anything. It can take away anything. Life seems to have a mind of its own.

And, yet, at the same time, even so, you create the life you lead. That seems preposterous, yet what does that mean? Surely, you did not plot your life. Just the same, your life walks with you. Strictly speaking, your life isn't anyone else's. It is the life you are living. Whether it is life on the beaten path or life to new heights, you are the one living it. You perceive. You speak. If life were a horse, you are riding it.

No two lives are exactly alike. Twins lead different lives. Never were there two identical lives. In the countless number of lives, no two have ever been the same. What are the odds of that? Yet that is how it is. Unique is every life. Without trying, every life is unique.

And you, with the eyes to see and the heart to feel, your life changes. Sometimes your life changes a mile a minute. Your life does not stand still in any case. Your life blooms, and your life fades. There is more to your life than the life you perceive. Deep down, deeper than all the fervor and events, everyone's life is the same. What a contradiction.

All lives come from the same fount. All lives on Earth are waves on the Ocean, arisen from the depths of the Ocean, and yet no two waves are alike, and, yet, all waves crest, and all waves are made of the same sea water. It is not likely that you can figure life out. Life is immeasurable, unpredictable and predictable in terms of an overview of life.

How does letting go fit in? How can you let go of all the waves, all the interminable waves that rise and fall, that inundate you or desert you. Regardless, you are swept up in a strong force of life, and I will tell you that you are swept up in Holiness. Even that which you see as ridiculous or life-threatening is but a shadow on the screen of life. The screen upon which life appears is the same screen that has always been. The foundation and background are the same.

You have visited many lives from shore to shore. You are experienced, and yet you are new-born, and you have blanked out. Somehow, you find yourself in a human . It is most mysterious. It is like a joke has been played on you, and, through it all, I tell you that you are a Holy Being tossed around a hill of life in the world.

To what end are you here in life in the world? What purpose do you serve? What is it all about?

It is about movement, and it is about Stillness. It is about juggling two lives in one body. It is like being a soul in a sack. The body tires. The soul does not. The soul is enterprising and involved in Vastness. The body traipses around and has to rest. The body sleeps and the soul never. Your soul is ever-awake. Your soul is never alone, never astonished, never takes anything amiss. You never part company with your soul. Your soul never goes on vacation. For your soul, all of life on Earth is a vacation. Your soul always rallies around you. It is not wayward. Your soul and I agree that, despite what you may think, you are a Holy Being doing what Holy Beings do when they are on Earth.

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