God said:

Tell Me frankly, is there really anything but that you crave?

You associate many things with love, and yet, they are not love. Without love, they are nothing.

Some things that represent love are money, , candy, jewelry, flowers, a smile, a pat on the back, time spent with you, invitations, a ride. Yes, these are very nice, yet without love, these are nothing. A dandelion held out to you by a child's is always real because the gift comes fully from the child's without prompting. The other samples may be or may not be real. You want the real thing. Of course.

Love can be given in so many ways, and you, hungry as you are, want all of them. Sometimes, or often, or all the time, you get enough, for you feel love is lacking. You look for it everywhere and may find it nowhere. You may have received real love in the past, but where is it now? You forage for love. You seek and do not find.

Perhaps you are looking for your worth in the attention of others upon you. This is a losing feat. You have to give to yourself the love and approbation you seek. Otherwise, you are clingy. And clingy means that you are demanding. You cannot demand love from anyone. Love has to be its own. Meanwhile, in a land of plenty, you may not discern love. And, yet, dear ones, there is nothing else real in this world but love. The proof of love you seek is an endless search, however. There is no badge to love. There is no token of love that can fit the bill.

You also are not certain that you have love to give. You may give it, and it is received, and yet your heart feels hollow. You feel bereft of love. You seek it in your own heart and find it not. Where lies this pot of gold that you seek? It seems to be beyond you.

If this is your situation, stop hunting and just give the love that your heart wishes it had to give. Give away every vestige of love you have. Give the thought of love. Keep giving it. Empty the love in your heart, and you will be filling your heart up with love.

Love is not a commodity. You cannot pick it up with your fingers. You cannot bind it in ribbons. You cannot hang it on the wall. You cannot distribute it like a handshake. You cannot pick up scraps of love. You cannot sew them together. As soon as love is gathered, it is flown. It escapes your reach.

And yet I tell you and tell you again that there is naught in the whole world but love. Where is it then? Where does it exist?

Consider , beloveds. What does science say about ? They say it is never lost. is. exists. Without the of love, you could not lift your hand. You could not read My message. Without love, you wouldn't be alive in your .

Will you now please accept that you are love, and that you are love complete? You can stop searching for love, for you yourself are an embodiment of love. You are an embodiment of My love. My love, like energy, cannot be gainsaid. It cannot be undone, nor can it be forsaken. I made you from love. Accept this one thought and make it your own. Do this, and you will be revolutionized, and you will stir the world to greater heights. Love exists, and you are love. With or without your body, you are love.

You and I are One Love. We are All That Is. We are energy. From the Font of Silence, comes energy.


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