God said:

From My to yours, from your to Mine. This is the of Life. This is love We send forth and receive. There is love and nothing but love.

From the fullness of My heart, love arises. And My heart is within yours. Recognize this truth and accept it. You have to accept the Whole Truth. Partial truth can only be partial. Partial truth does not fit the bill. Partial truth cannot substitute for the Whole Truth, this Whole Truth that seems unfathomable to you.

You feel: "If what God says to me is true, then why do I feel like this? Why do I feel unfulfilled? Sometimes I feel rotten. Certainly, a lot of the time, I feel lack-luster, out of sync, in trouble, at best, bewildered. Does my being unhappy reflect my lack of in You and my lack of in myself?"

Belief is not quite the right word. It is not a question of belief. It is a question of awareness. Sometimes you have the awareness of the Truth of all I say, and yet you haven't been quite able to hold on to it.

Beloveds, how many times does a jingle go through your head? How many times do you watch a commercial? Or run your age-old thoughts through your excavating mind?

The time will come when you have full awareness of Me. It may seem to happen suddenly or slowly. It may happen with your urging or, seemingly, even against your will. No matter, your awareness of All That Is is not a belief. Belief is an idea. I am Reality. We are talking about Reality.

When something happens, it happens. We are talking about a natural event. When you come to recognize Me in every quarter, in every person, in everything, it is natural. It is wonderful, and it is natural. When it happens, it is easy. It is simply the next step.

In one sense, nothing happens because Our was always a fact, only a fact that you couldn't quite fathom. And now, you have fathomed it. If fathom means you figured it out, then fathom is not the right word. You see it. You feel it. You know it. Just the way when spring comes, you know it's spring.

We could say that you have an enormous account. You had heard about it, yet you hadn't seen it yet. One day you go to the , and you see your account. You see all those zeroes. The wealth was always yours, only you hadn't seen it until one day. On that one day, your whole posture changes, for now you know you are a mighty trillionaire. Never were you anything less. But all this had to dawn on you. Oh, My, how bright you look now. How quick your step. How full your heart is. Your mind too. Your heart and mind have become aware.

You didn't take your seeming new state on hearsay. You saw it all for yourself. You, who were always the same, now are different. From awareness, you feel the difference. For you before, it was like you were told there is a magnificent cream for you in the refrigerator, only you couldn't quite reach the refrigerator handle to open it. Your refrigerator did not have a glass door. You couldn't see the cream . You couldn't smell it. You could only crave it. Not until you opened the refrigerator door, were you able to see for yourself and gobble up that cream that was always yours.

When it comes to the awareness We are talking about, it is always fresh. It is always vital. It is always beautiful. It is as fresh as a spring day, and now you have this spring day for Eternity. It never fades. It never becomes less. It never ceases. All the cream cakes in the world are yours.

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