God said:

All you want is love. That is a fact. That is across the board. All you want is love.

All the song lyrics are right. All you want is love. And you will accept all semblance of love as love, even when you know it isn't. You want love so much you will even accept imitations. You know better, and yet, you crave love so much, you will accept anything. You will do almost anything in order to grab the love your longs for.

You feel that there is a hole so deep in your heart that you will accept anything to fill it. How threadbare you feel your heart is. How longing your heart is for love that you will even accept crumbs.

The thing is that no one can fill your heart for you. You can kid yourself about this, yet the kidding lasts only so long. Eventually, when you tip your heart, you find it is still empty.

It is incumbent upon you to fill your heart with love. It is your love to fill your heart with. It is My love to fill your heart with. And then you will give away all that love. And when you tip your heart, you will find that it is still full. It is brimming with love. It is overflowing. Only that which you give do you keep. That's how it is.

Love in your heart wants to get going. It doesn't want to feel stuck in one place. Unless your heart is flowing love, your heart is like a car going down a one-way street the wrong way. There is only one way for love to surface, and that is flowing from your heart. How important is the preposition – from. From, not to. If you think love has to come to you, you have it wrong. The love you have is yours to give. Love flows out. This is the ebbing of the tide of love. It washes through you. Yes, you fill your heart by emptying it. The well of love to drink from is your own.

I say that with the understanding that all love is Mine. It is from Me. That is how My heart is filled with love. I give it away. I do not count. I do not measure. I give. I give constantly. I give without reservation. I give to all. I give to all all the love in My heart. My love has a good time. I never cut it off. I give an -stream of love. One bucket cannot fill My heart of love. after fills My heart so that I can pour Mine into yours. My love flows through your heart. There is no love but Mine. And that is your love to give.

You who are waiting for love to come to you have been given it. You have to notice. I have pumped love into your heart without cease. Start emptying your heart of love, and you will begin to see how full of love your heart is. You cannot dam your heart up. You have to open the dikes and let all that love through.

Love people. Love what you do. Love, love, love. Get that love flowing.

You are not to be a hoarder of love. The more you hoard love, the less you have. It evaporates. There is no silo for love. There are only hearts. Hearts are passed from one to another, from one generation to another. If your heart is a deck of cards, you must deal. You don't wait for someone else to deal. You are the dealer of love, and you must deal love out.

Let love emanate from you. Spoken or unspoken, emanate love.

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