God said:

If enough of you, My beloved children, would know your loveliness and your lovingness, all the problems of the world would be taken away. would replace problems. The world would be revolutionized. It would be unrecognizable. You would be sure that you had landed in Heaven.

Death of the body would not be the trauma it is today. Bodies would die just the same, yet the suffering would retreat and take a more modest role. I have said that all suffering is imagined. With love at every juncture, death and suffering would not assume the importance they have. History would, indeed, be a thing of the past.

Focus would be on love, and this is becoming more and more the case. Enter love, and suffering goes out the window. Death will have a better balance in the world. Instead of suffering loss, you will have a greater awareness of your loved ones and your love for them and what love means. You will take departed loved ones to greater heart. Your heart will be fuller. You will love with or without physical dimensions. The object of your love will not steal the scene. Love will steal the scene. Love will keep getting bigger. There is no end to the expansion of love. Love is a balloon that will never pop. You have thought that love or a loved one can disappear. You have had many thoughts that will no longer bother you when your heart is righted.

So let's right your heart. Never imagine suffering again, and your heart will never suffer again. Or, if it does, your mind will put that pitiless suffering where it belongs which is nowhere. Your mind will remove all thoughts of suffering in a . Your mind is tired of functioning as it has been. Your mind wants relief from your endless thoughts built on the sticks of fear and suffering.

Your mind will unwind and become tranquil. Oh, to think of it, your mind restful instead of restless. Of all the miracles in the world, do you not think this is possible, and possible for you? It is easily possible. In fact, possibility will become certainty. Since everything is possible, peace in your mind and heart and all over the world is also possible, and possible now.

You have almost reached this peace. Storms may go on now, yet storms will not last. Most assuredly, the storms in your heart will not last. And the fuming of your mind also will not last.

Of all the things in the world that you have thought do not last, like love, like youth, like peace, let go of those thoughts and think of the temporariness of storms. Yes, think differently. Surely you do not want to keep the motor of past thoughts running. That makes no sense. You have always wanted to make sense. That has been one of your difficulties.

The way to come to your senses is to let go of the sense of logic. Logic looks too far to the past. Logic is built on the past. Your life is to be built on the raft of the present. The present does not know past. As it is, for the most part, you have been living in the past. It is in the past that you should fear to tread, not the present. Stop bringing the past into the present. Let go of that past. It haunts and trips you up.

I am where the present is. I am Eternity. Come with Me and enter the portals of Eternity where only peace is known and where Love is .

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