God said:

Your life is your interpretation of it. Your life is as you say it is. If you don't admire your life as it is now, then see it differently, interpret it differently, speak about it differently. This is a great secret I give to you, only, you have always known this secret, and still you held on to your life as it had become familiar to you.

You have every opportunity to your life. Unless you are satisfied with it, it. starts in your thoughts and not in action. Changing your thoughts is not like rearranging furniture in your house. In your house, you can move furniture around until you like the arrangement.

It's not the same with moving the furniture of your life. Let the changing of your life be the result of your changing thoughts. Certainly, there is doing in life, yet you change your life from the inside. Because you might move to a palace does not yet mean you are a . Having a million dollars does not make you a millionaire. Plastic surgery may fix your nose and, yet, you keep the same image of your . Change comes from within.

You may divorce one wife to find you marry a new one just like the one before.

Changes on the outside will be made. You may move to a new town, and, yet, before you know it, life is the same. You who walk down different streets are the same you, simply walking down different streets.

Rather than a face lift, lift your . Give your thoughts and your something new. Make your thoughts more beautiful. This is something for you to do. Embrace new thoughts, happier thoughts, and you will be happier. A new car makes you happier for a while, yet We are talking about filling your with refreshing thoughts.

Do not drag the same suitcases of thoughts along with you. Let them go. New thoughts for all.

If you are a pessimist, become an optimist. Do it fast. No more delays.

Unless you have something good to say, don't say it.

If you were to build a new house, you would not use rusty nails. If you want to feel better, boost your thoughts. Take protein drinks of new thinking. That will give you new strength. You have been putting the cart before the horse. Changing the exterior of your life before you change your mind – your way of thinking – is putting the cart before the horse.

A tree does not grow from the outside. It is from the sap within that the tree grows and its growth is seen. And, so, you are a sapling that grows. Whatever happens to you on the outside is nothing next to what happens inside. How deeply your thoughts influence you. Surmount your old thoughts now.

If you have been inculcated with thoughts that say you are not good enough, listen to Me and remind yourself of what I say, for I say you are beautiful. I say you are brilliant. I say you can be all that you want to be, and all that you want to be begins with your thoughts now. One way or another, your thoughts will change. Change them now.

If your house is robbed, no matter how innocent you may be, you attracted the robbers. Perhaps your thoughts have been that you have been denied, and so robbers come to your house to deny you.

At the same time as I tell you that there is no cause and effect, I also tell you that you are responsible. To live the life you desire, elevate your thoughts, and so your life will be elevated. No more old thinking. Old thinking will get you into the fix that you think you are already in.

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