God said:

Many of you think of Me as a Boss, someone Whose bidding you have to kowtow to. You think of Me as a great Authority , a , a Punisher, a Criminalist out to get you, find you in a misdemeanor and so on. Better to think of Me as a Benefactor, beloveds.

The fact is I am your Holy Servant. No One serves you as I do. No One is at your beck and call as I am. No One kneels before you as I do. No One listens to your every breath as I do. No One listens to your heartbeat as I do. My ear is to your heart. I am in service to you. I am indentured to you. I am in your employ.

I am your Servant. I take the cards you deal Me, and I do your bidding. You have had it backwards. You thought you did Mine. I am your disciple. I serve All. I have a lot to take care of, and, yet, I never have too much to do.

Serving you is My pleasure. It is My choice. I choose to serve you.

Sometimes you tie My hands, as it were, by your vision. You may see it that I throw you a bone every once in a while. It is not like that. I give you . All the time.

You rule Me, beloveds, do you see what I mean?

I love you more than you love Me, yet I do not tally points of your love. I simply give you all of My love. Take more of My love. Believe in Me as I believe in you.

There are times when you feel you are cheated. A loved one's body dies, and you are offended. Accept once and for all that I am never opposed to you. I give you diamonds and rubies and emeralds of love, and you pick out baubles of glass or pebbles and say I don't love you. You can take Me personally, but everything that happens in life you cannot take personally. Life is not hopscotch. I cannot toss up the world like a bouncing ball. All in life is not a toss-up.

I created the , and I created you. I gave you free will. I have a domain. In one sense, I have the most Free Will in the World, and, yet, that does not mean I always follow your will. Ah, but, of course, you think that is what a Servant is supposed to do. You think it doesn't matter what you tell Me. You think I have to do it. You want Me to run upstairs and downstairs, and you may give Me opposing orders.

I am at your service, and I am also at the service of the Universe. It appears that I, the of Free Will, cannot always grant your wishes the instant you ask. I am a Fulfiller of Dreams and yet, it seems, not always. I do not always give you the candy you want or even return your loved ones to you as you would like Me to.

You do understand that I have unlimited vision, and you see only so far. This does not mean I disobey you. The thing is I have never taken loved ones away from you.

It is like you ask Me to wash dishes that are already clean. Or it is like you are a man who cannot see, and you ask Me to move a piece of furniture where you want it, and it is already in the place you wanted it to be.

I do not apologize for My vision and your blindness.

Now, let Us bend to each other without bumping Our heads.

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