God said:

I place Myself on the altar of your love. You are the offering you give to Me. What else do you have to give Me but yourself? And what other offering is worth your love? I accept your love, and I spin your love out to the Universe like a million stars. Love is a bouncing ball. Love throws itself, and love catches itself. Love is the only game in town. Love bounces, and love revolves, and love is the making and the meaning of you.

You have an endless love quotient. Be the love you are. Practice it. Remember it. Remember it at every moment. Sometimes you forget. Remember love now, and never forget it.

Foremost, you are a giver of love. Love is the wheat you separate from the chaff. Anything that is not love is dispensable. Love itself is indispensable. Just the same, all love is to be given away. It cannot be kept. Hoarding love doesn't work. Giving love works although you are not looking for results. The trick is that you give flawlessly. To give love with expectation of return is love flawed. There are no claims to the love you give. And there are no disclaimers.

When you give love, you have to let go of it. When you hold on to love, you haven't given it. You are holding it above someone's head the way you might hold a pendulum.

Love is not to have hesitation go along with it. You give love or you don't. Half-giving love is not giving. Love is not meant to be a dog on a leash. Laws in the world may govern that you must keep your dog on a leash. Laws in the world are not to govern love. Concepts in the world are not to govern love. Love is its own . Give your love right and left. Strew your love like seeds. Love is a that always bears , yet you are not to think of the . Let love seed itself of its own accord.

Do not consider love a gamble. Love is a given. Love is an outpouring of what I gave to you to give. I stir your hearts like soup. Once stirred, you realize that you are in a soup kitchen, and you serve the love that I have stirred on behalf of all. The love I gave to you simply isn't your personal love to pick and choose from, to keep some, give away some, decide to whom or when. No, all is My love. My love is like an envelope I have given to you. The name on the envelope is Everyone. The date stamp on the envelop is Today.

All the love in the world is to be given away today. What a rumble in the world that will make. No love is to be saved for later. No love is to be put aside for a rainy day. All love is to gather around the Maypole of life. All love is communal. You can't give love to one and not another. You give love as a package. All love to all. And then pass it around again.

Consider love butter. You are not stingy with it. You slather that butter on the bread. There is no holding back. There is no saving the butter for later. There is only spreading it. And then what a treat it is to savor that delicious butter. Then you can lick the butter knife, and you, who has given My love away, you become fully the essence of My love. There are no little acts.

All acts are a giving of love, and giving love is a great thing, and so, as you share the butter of love, life is lived on Earth as it is meant to be lived.

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