God said:

I sang a to Myself, and the is you. I am singing this still. I sing a of Myself, and the is you. I am quite musical and quite creative. I have the most fun in the world, for I sing.

I sang Creation into being. I enliven enlivenment for the enjoyment of all.

If you really really want to do My Will, then enjoy and laugh and have a good time and see that others are enjoying and laughing and having a good time as well.

Now I ask you with love: Dear Ones, what have you been doing?

It would appear that you have been running through life as fast as you can and with as little damage as possible. Is this correct? Has life been something you get through? Sometimes your moods weigh you down. Well, let Me lift you up. Let Me get you singing, or, at least, humming. Hum a ballad of love. Sing love. Be love. Enact love. Swivel love. To all points, east, west, south, and north, emit love. Be the radar you are.

Do not tell a story that begins:

"Once upon a time, love was not. It was absent from my ." That is not a true story. It is not even a true fairy tale. If that tale rings true to you, then come back to Truth and tell a different story. Tell yourself a different story. You are the one who needs to be dissuaded from lack of any kind.

Here's a true story to tell yourself:

"Once upon a time, there was everything on Earth, and love most of all. God whispered to me that I am love most of all, that I am all good, and good alone is. In my travels, I seem to set out to tell a different story. I meet marauders, and believe in marauders and marauding. I have to admit it is possible that the Bluebird of resides in my own backyard. It's possible that the Bluebird of flutters in my heart, yet he has not visited me lately, or, at least, I have not seen him lately. God says that I disguised the Bluebird of in my heart as a grouse, so I had a Grouse of Grousing in my heart. God said that is how the Bluebird of appeared to me because so I thought. God said I drew an untrue . God said I drew a of a grouse and called it my Heart of Heaviness. I shooed the Bluebird of away. I kept the Bluebird of in a cage in a closet and would not let him fly free. A caged bluebird cannot fly. I became a gro use. I became a squawker. How I squawked.

"Then God came to me with a paintbrush. It may have been a crayon or a magic marker. He had a big eraser, and he erased the picture of a grouse grousing in my heart. God drew a magnificent picture of a Bluebird of Happiness in my heart. God told me that this picture of a Bluebird of Happiness belonged in my heart. He said that he replicated that picture in everyone's heart, and now Bluebirds of Happiness alone reside in every heart.

"God said that I am like a template, that I am a template upon which everyone is modeled. He said I have the great joy and responsibility of uncaging this Bluebird of Happiness, that I must keep this Bluebird in my heart at the same time as I free the Bluebird of Happiness to fly high and to fly far and wide.

"Just knowing that this Bluebird exists and exists in my heart, I am a happier soldier of fortune."

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