God said:

You are Don Quixote who duels with windmills. When you battle, odds are that you are battling with yourself. You conceive a battle that you are fighting. You may have desired a battle. You were ready for a fight, and so you found an object.

Battles are manmade. They are not of My making. I have other things to do, like to love and love more and love again and again until you get My love into your head. Your heart is not lacking My love. Your heart is filled with My love, and yet your mind finds ways to contradict the love in your heart. The mind may look for ways. Foolish mind. Foolish ego mind.

It may be that you love a good fight. You feel victorious. Even when you lose, you may feel victorious because your opponent is such a bad guy and you are so virtuous. You may be bruised, and you may sniffle, yet you came out superior. Your ego cheers you.

Feel virtuous without a battle. Be virtuous. When you cannot love the one you see as an opponent, then love someone else. Give yourself over to love. Love someone somewhere. Never be a derelict of love. Let your anger go. There is not advantage to anger.

True, anger lets you know that you are alive. Be creative instead, and you will know that you are alive.

I have to ask you, what purpose does anger serve? Is it really wonderful to be all riled up? Does it take talent to be angry? What is so wonderful about your justifying anger? Be not an anger-monger. If you must justify something, justify love. Be a of love. Plant seeds of love rather than seeds of anger. Plant flowers of love and let go of the armament of anger.

Anger zaps your . It may fire you up for a time, but then you are left with heartburn. Ashes of anger do a number on you. Anger simply isn't good for you. It isn't good for anyone. It is self-mutilation. You are responsible for your anger. It is your anger. Anger is a waste of your time. It is more worthwhile for you to twiddle your thumbs than to be angry.

Life in the world is too short to spend on anger. Anger will deplete you every time. Even when you think you have won, you have lost energy. You have thrown yourself away on anger. Anger short-changes you. There are no exceptions to this.

Anger is not honorable. It is dishonorable. No matter how righteous your anger may be, it is self-righteous. Besides, all wars are civil wars. You can only be fighting with your brother. All are your brother or your sister. Don't you have something better you can be than angry? Don't you have something better to do?

Anger is kicking your foot against a wall and wounding yourself. Ultimately, anger is directed to yourself. You are not even fighting windmills. You are fighting an image in the mirror. All opponents simply represent you. They are you.

There is no need for you to come out on top. It is meaningless. You see good guys and bad guys. You do not know what another's life is and what their perception of the world is. I make no excuses for anyone, and I make no excuses for you.

Peace be with you, not anger. Peace be with you. Peace be with you.

The peace of God is within you. You can find it. You can find it now. Find it. Make peace now.

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