Published on: October 27, 2011

God said:
If you knew, really knew, My love for you, you would be the happiest person in the world. That is a fact. If you are less than happy, then you do not know the depth and breadth of My love for you. My love for you shines. It must be that you have looked away. You have not believed that I or anyone could love you as much as I do love you, and you point to your life when you would do better to point to Me.

Dare to look into My eyes, for My eyes are eyes of love. My love is yours. Let My love reach you. Let My love reach into each of yours. We have talked a lot about your and how much My resides in yours.

Now let's talk about your cells. Feel My love entering every single cell of your . Within each cell of the physical mechanism that We call your is My DNA.

Your heart is My heart. My heart is enclosed in yours, and yours is enclosed in Mine. By the same token, My DNA fills your cells. My DNA is love. Let My love your cells. Feel My love entering every cell of your body. Let there be an onslaught of My love filling your cells. Let My love flood your cells.

The way you fill your tummy with , fill your cells with My love. You cannot overfill your cells. You cannot have too much love sloshing around there in the intimacy of your cells. Your is made of My love. It is made for My love.

The same way as your heart bursts with love, your cells burst with love. There cannot be too much love. Love is your . You are meant to be filled with love. My DNA is love. Your existence is love.

Be My love. Be filled with My love. You are a of Me. What else would it mean that you were made in My image? I made you Myself of Myself.

Consider that My love is light, and, so, allow My light to fill every cell of your body. Let your body be one magnificent cell of light. This true light is infinite. It never goes off. It stays on.

Now, do not be afraid to reflect Me. You are meant to reflect My light. Fill yourself with My light, and you will, indeed, be the Light of the World. You do not lose My light by revealing it. Reveal My light to yourself now. Begin with you.

If I were to take your picture and hand it to you, you would see nothing but light. You would see swirling golden light in motion. You are a Being of Light. You are a Being of Light who has seen a different picture of yourself. Isn't it time that you look at yourself differently?

What good is it to see yourself in a lesser light than you are? Is there some boon in this that I am unable to see?

You're not thinking that you're right and I'm wrong, are you? You don't think that your eyes are better than Mine, do you?

When will you come over to My way of seeing and My way of thinking? Certainly, you don't think that I'm supposed to come over to your way of thinking and seeing.

If you have not opened your eyes to the Truth of what I say, then open your eyes now. Open your heart. Open your cells, and let Me in. Let Me into your awareness. Make My awareness yours.