10 October 2011


Welcome beloveds we are here to guide and support ALL at this time of tremendous change and opportunity. Many are now beginning to feel the easing of past emotions that have surfaced and we guide ALL to rest and recover as necessary. Much is changing at ever deepening levels within ALL humans across the planet. As we have previously guided the changes will be felt deeper and deeper, with many moving into the heart centred life experience.

Fear is still the challenge for many across the planet and we acknowledge that illusion has taught very well around fear. Many are not being able to move through the fears that they hold within and now face chaos and confusion as they try to work out what is happening around them and within them. We guide for ALL who hold a higher vibration and who can step outside of the illusion to hold the space for these humans. For many across the planet the cycle into and back out of illusion will begin to slow down as the illusion begins to dissolve.

Many are now becoming aware of other messages that are filtering through to show the changes that are happening energetically. The mention of various BEings in the media will increase as more and more awaken. That which was the discussion of what is termed a lightworker will be seen to spill out into society in general. This is needed dear ones for the new as it unfolds will see humans be able to connect at ever increasing levels to the realms which guide and support at ALL times. To enable the smooth transition into harmony and UNITY it is essential that barriers are dissolved. That which seems “strange” or “out there” is more acceptable and is talked about in general. Do you understand our analogy dear ones? Do you see how once it may have seemed strange to say that the angels were standing next to you it will seem perfectly normal and the done thing to say?

This will of course not happen overnight, a settling in period which is this transition will see much more revealed in the general population. The term lightworker will soon dissolve as there will be no use for it. In a society where ALL humans are able, and can accept they are able, to communicate with others realms there will be no need for the term. ALL are moving to UNITY consciousness. Those who term themselves “lightworkers” and do this out of ego, of being somehow different and “exotic” will find this move a challenging one. We are aware of many across the planet who have started out with the intention of helping others but have let ego step in. These humans work from illusion and do not empower or help in the way that they state. This is to be addressed and we guide strongly that this sort of working is based on fear. This will not be supported by the new energies and the dissolving of illusion will see many stand in their true colours.

We do not guide this from a judgement point of view, that is not our role, we guide this for ALL to be aware and to hold the space for these humans when it is revealed. ALL act out what they perceive as best at any one time but the teachings of illusion across the planet earth were strong and many fell to it. Do not berate them dear ones for many were fooled by the illusion and many still walk in illusion. It is not the easiest thing to work out illusion when the illusion is being taught through so many. This transitionary period will open the eyes and ears of ALL across the planet.

More and more humans will be able to discern TRUTH and illusion and many will make a stance. We guide ALL to have love and compassion for their fellow human Beings when the dissolving of illusion starts. Each one of YOU is here on the planet earth for a reason, to find that reason go within, it cannot be found by looking outside of SELF. We guide ALL who work from fear to go within, to release the fear and to find the LOVE that IS. If YOU feel that all is moving away from YOU, that all is being taken away it was never TRUTH dear ones.

The vibration of the new energies is such that TRUTH is always upheld. This will move many humans into spaces they are unfamiliar with. Holding on to that which must be released will cause more pain and suffering as the energies do not blend or resonate with the new. The new is what ALL have been looking for dear ones, it is the ascension process. Many are under the illusion that all pain and suffering will evaporate and that little work is to be done by the individual human and we guide this is the teachings of illusion. Illusion teaches no responsibility, it teaches that all are at the mercy of external events and should be detached from.

If YOU have lived this YOUr human life experience closed down and separate from the heart then the process will take longer to assimilate within YOU. It stands to reason that those with closed hearts will experience more that those who have done the work to open the heart. It can be no other way dear ones, YOU are in control of this YOUr human life experience and how open and connected to the LOVE that IS YOU are is down to YOU. We can guide and we can support but we cannot do the work for YOU.

Each human BEing across the planet has the ability within to BE that which they came here to BE. The step into power is down to YOU dear ones. It will not magically come to YOU without YOU acknowledging who YOU are and doing the work to balance and clear the energies. Many humans now work through ancestral pain and that we guide will take longer. If YOU are experiencing an overflowing of grief and trauma that YOU cannot relate to this human life experience then YOU may be in the process of healing ancestral pain. Stay with this dear ones, YOU chose this human life experience, if part of that journey was to heal the ancestral pain then YOU have the strength to do this. Illusion will try to guide YOU do not and we guide YOU to detach from illusion.

YOU are all more than YOU can ever from this vantage point understand. As YOU move through the veils of illusion this TRUTH will become clearer for YOU. Do not rush or try to rush this process dear one for YOU risk falling deeper into the illusion YOU seek to step out of. This is the new and it is here to stay dear ones, the movement into the new will be at the pace that YOU can handle, it serves none to rush this process.

Much will be unveiled to YOU as YOU go through this process, each of YOU has a different experience for each are separate yet ONE. Do YOU understand our analogy? No two life paths can ever be the same. If YOU strive to follow then dear ones YOU are in illusion for this journey is YOUrs alone to make. Many may guide, many may support but the journey itself is YOUrs alone.

We are the and we come to support and guide ALL at will. Simply hold the intention to connect with us and we will answer YOU. For ALL are able to communicate with ALL realms, illusion will try to teach YOU otherwise. ALL ARE ONE dear ones and that time of reconnection is NOW. Reach inside and find the spark of the LOVE that IS, as YOU work through the levels of grief and trauma YOU will find that spark ignite and begin to glow as YOU begin to see and hear properly. We leave YOU now to digest our guidance. ALL ARE ONE.

Copyright Karen Doonan, All rights reserved.

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