8 October 2011


Welcome beloveds we are here to and support ALL at this time. Much is changing and reshaping itself across the planet and it is this changing that we wish to upon at this time. Many of YOU are now beginning to see the changes that are happening across planet earth and many are now beginning to align their inner selves with the new energies.

Much is written across the planet on the effect of meteors and flares as they hit the earth’s atmosphere and we wish to guide on an important effect in this guidance. Planet earth has been kept vibrationally low for aeons, with the grids that are structured across the planet being kept from working at maximum capacity, some barely functioning at all and this has resulted in much being kept from the human race. The grids across the planet earth are your support structure for the level of energy that passes across and through the planet. As this begins to increase then the begins to increase, the lower vibrations that are carried within the human BEing begin to change as they cannot exist within the higher that begin to be anchored within and across the planet. For the human BEing that experience these higher the lower is highlighted and the need for release will become stronger.

This is happening to many across the planet and the and meteor showers that are now working towards planet earth are affecting all humans across the planet. The universal weather has a direct impact on all across the planet and we guide ALL to be aware of the coming weather and how it may impact on the general well-being of all. To be aware of the affects means that YOU may be in a better position to realise what is happening on a vibratory level and take steps to minimise the releasing of the lower frequencies. By this we mean that instead of being overwhelmed with anger or other lower frequencies YOU are aware of the releasing of them and take steps to from said emotions as they are released. This is important as many humans who have chosen in this their human life experience to stay asleep will be completely unaware.

As we have guided previously is it up to the those who are awake and those who now move towards higher and higher vibrationally levels to hold the space for those who will stay asleep and slumber for the rest of their human life times. This is important as the masses who are asleep or at the lower end of the vibratory scale can still affect the vast majority of what is happening across planet earth.

The dreaming of the dream will be affected if many who are awake do not take steps to detach from the lower vibratory energies that seek to leave their human energy systems. This is deeply cleansing and will continue for some time. It is not enough to simply be aware of these occurrences dear ones, the actual preparation and moving through the energies that are being released for cleansing needs to take place. We note that many are choosing to still interact with these lower energies and many are overwhelmed by them. The level of lower energies being released is dependant on the lifetimes of trauma that have been experienced by the soul in human form on planet earth. For those who have neglected to do the to release trauma and pain and those who refuse to see the these instances of universal weather will proved demanding. For the refusal to look at self is lower vibratory energies and the new will not support this.

Many who work in the role of light worker still work within the fear that is inside of them, the competition between many humans has not diminished in many places it has increased as the lower vibratory energies seek to move out of the human body but the human concerned refuses to do the work. We are not sitting in judgement dear ones, for that is not our role. We guide and advise so that the process will be easier for YOU. The work that is to be done is YOUr responsibility as YOU move out of illusion. For it is that very illusion that will seek to have you defend the EGO. We note that many have not changed their behaviours towards others and this too will be further highlighted by the new energies that are about to sweep across the planet. The hiding place of lower energies diminishes to dear ones, there is nothing to be gained by refusing to work on the self. There is freedom to be attained by the working on self dear ones and we guide ALL to release that which no longer serves.

Illusion we fully acknowledge is strong around certain human issues and it is this that can be fallen into quite deeply by those who work from EGO and fear. The two situations feed off each other. As the planet moves towards UNITY and harmony many are now beginning to fear where they fit in. Many of the processes of were ego driven and based on fear, fear of not fitting in, fear of being left behind etc etc. Many who work in the light worker role have added to that fear albeit blinded by illusion. The time to move out of this is now dear ones. To support and hold the space for all around YOU is the way forward as the families of light begin to anchor in the new and the way of the new is lived across the planet.

Detaching from the lower energies takes time and in many cases a lot of work. To detach from the illusion is but part of the process for many have detached and now feel lost and disconnected from those around them. For many this will be a swift phase as they realise that the detachment and disconnection is needed to put into perspective the way they used to live. New ways of BEing will be born through this experience and even now work is underway to change the ways of BEing for many. Access to higher and higher levels of vibration will see illusion dissolving for many. It is the responsibility of the human BEing themselves to stay out of illusion and allow the process to unfold before them. As we guide detaching is paramount, not being drawn further into another illusion is the challenge.

This is a new way of living for ALL across the planet and the need to detach and allow all to unfold is necessary. Illusion has taught for too long that change is something to be feared but also taught that same is what is needed. That is the challenge for ALL dear ones as the need to have routine can be overwhelming yet the breaking of routine is the route to freedom. We guide ALL to embrace freedom and to detach from routine where appropriate, for how can you grow and expand if YOU do not move out of the familiar?

The monetary aspect of human living is about to dramatically change but the timeframe for this is not set. ALL realms do not work within the human time frame period as time has no meaning for us. That can present some interesting scenarios with those who work closely with us as illusion has taught well and deeply about the time frames involved. We note that many across the planet are being taught that 2012 is the wake up call. The wake up call is now and has been for some time dear ones. There is an inherit danger in defining the new and that is known by illusion. For whilst YOU are all fixed on a date in the future YOU can be blinded by what is happening around YOU NOW. That is important dear ones for we note that many are fixated by 2012, the changes that YOU can make are NOW in this moment dear ones. Detach from the view of 2012 for it gathers YOU up and takes YOU out of the moment. Many will be devastatd to realise the power that was robbed from beneath their very noses by the stating of dates and times by illusion.

We guide ALL to focus on the now, for it is only in the now that YOU have the greatest power, we note that many are refusing to acknowledge this power and choose to hand it over to those around them. We guide once more dear ones the power of this human life time rests in YOUr hands and no one elses. The power to change the world starts from within YOU. If YOU wish to experience more and different aspects of the human life experience then we urge YOU to acknowledge the powerful BEing that YOU are and to detach from the illusion of what dissolves around YOU.

Nothing is to be gained from waiting dear ones, yet many across the planet put illusion before personal power. We note the outpouring of frustration as promises made are not kept and we guide ALL to be aware of how illusion works. It promises much but delivers nothing for the whole purpose of illusion is to disempower YOU. The Empowering begins from recognising the divinity of SELF. When YOU can look at YOU and see the powerful human BEing that YOU are then YOU have taken the first important step out of illusion. If YOU believe that YOU are stronger than those around YOU then YOU step back into illusion by allowing EGO to have its say. Do our words resonate dear ones? Do you see how many still play the games of illusion under the guise of freedom?

Where YOU find constraint YOU find illusion. Where YOU find disempowerment YOU find illusion for the new is to Empower. It is to further fuel the flames of passion that are alive inside of YOU. When YOU are shown how to live to the fullest then YOU are being shown a route out of illusion and into the freedom that is there in front of YOU. For illusion is known to work like that, it hides ALL that YOU are in plain view, but the illusion uses smoke and mirrors and then hides what we can plainly see from YOUr view.

ALL humans have free will and we do not come to communicate with YOU to dictate for that is not our role. Yet we note how many humans cry out in despair from within illusion seeking a way out. We can guide at ALL times dear ones but we cannot do the work for YOU, that is down to YOU. Merely reading our words will help YOU to see the illusion YOU struggle to gain a footstep out of but it will not take YOU out of illusion, for that is down to YOU. Do our words resonate dear ones? Do you see how YOU are further DISempowered by illusion and the thinking that just reading words of guidance are the way forward?

We seek to empower the human race for the human race is only now beginning to wake up fully to ALL that it can BE. We guide ALL to release the lower vibrations and to actively work at balancing and re-centering at all times. For in the balance and the silence YOU can hear the voice that resides within helping YOU to step out of illusion. Listen to the silence dear ones for it is akin to the map that YOU were seeded within upon incarnation. For ALL humans were seeded with LOVE. Allow LOVE to show YOU the road home.

We are the high council of orion and we come to guide and support ALL at this time. We can connect to ANY of YOU across the planet simply hold the intention to speak with us and we will reply. ALL realms stand ready to help and support, the human race was never alone despite all the teachings to the contrary. Use our help dear ones when YOU need it. Remember YOU begin to unite as a race and as a family, allow ALL your family to help YOU. For ALL ARE ONE.

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