God said:
Here's the thing. Whatever you do, you are doing in to God. You might as well acknowledge this. Let this thought be the umbrella you carry with you. This the umbrella you are under. You might as well know it.

Service to yourself is miniscule. Service to God is magnificent. Service to God is maximal. It is infinite.

It is not necessary to think of great things to do for Me. It is necessary to keep Me in mind so that everything you do is in service to Me.

Rather than seeking for grandness to do for Me, do everything for Me, every little thing. Remember Me in everything you do. Remember Me when you up a piece of paper from the street. Remember Me when you hang out clothes. Remember Me when you cook. Remember Me when you eat. Remember Me.

This is something very instrumental I am telling you.

I know you want to lead a great life and do great things, and I am telling you how. Whatever you do, do it for Me.

This one thought alone takes you out of your small self and you up to a grand esplanade where you can walk in joy. You do have a mission, and your mission is to walk with Me. This is how you serve. This is how you serve in magnitude. This is how you get onto the Grand Path.

This is how you get out of the little one- lanes that are in service to no one probably except, perhaps, to the debt collector.

This one thought will take you far:

"All I do I do for God. All I do is for greater than myself. I am here on Earth for God, and it is God I serve. In every act, it is God I serve. I lay down my life for God. This means I live it fully, and I live it in honor and respect and love for God. I live life wholly. I recognize that I am everything to God, and so I Him, and so I deliver every act of mine. I am to God. I have left off dedication to myself. Therefore, I become bigger than myself. I become grander than myself. I become Myself. I become My Godself.

"I give up my service to I-know-not-what. I give up self-serving. I am not what I am here on Earth for. I am not here on Earth for my little self. My little self doesn't even know Who I am. I squander myself on littleness any longer, and, yet, on Earth, I must littleness perform. As I sweep the sidewalk, now I sweep the sidewalk for the sake of God, for the sake of the Universe, for the sake of others, for the sake of making life on Earth better for others. That is how I make life on Earth better for me. Only by making Earth better for all do I serve God. So, in every little act of mine on Earth, I give it to God, and so I bless, and so I am .

"If I want more of life, then I must give it. The more I am able to give is simply giving with of God. All I have to do is to think of God and to think of serving God. God is My Mentor. God is My Love, and God is My service to Love.

" is no other than God. is no one else to serve. God alone is. As I come to know God in my service to Him, I come to know Myself."