Channeler:  Navajo

October 7, 2011

“For over 25 years, I heard the Elders talk about a Day with Two Suns which would signal the start of the new planetary consciosness.” Mary Thunder

Well, the internet is abuzz with stories planet wide from various people claiming to be seeing two suns. I never knew I’d live to see the native prophecies fulfillment. Many articles back, I mentioned that the Maori were going to perform a dance that hadn’t been done in over 500 years. Well, if that wasn’t interesting enough, the Maya are now taking center stage to perform a highly secretive ceremony that hasn’t been done for 26,000 years. “Hunbatz Men, Mayan Daykeeper and Elder Priest of the Mayan Itza Council, and Pedro Pablo Chuc Pech, President of the Mayan Council of Elders, have announced their plans to lead a group of Mayan Elders on a ceremonial pilgrimage that will carry the Thirteen from one coast of the United States to the other. The journey will begin in Manhattan on the 27th of October, 2011; it will culminate in Los Angeles on November 11th, 2011.

On 11:11:11, another group of thirteen Elders will arrive in LA from the Mayaland to come together in a Gateway Event that will be highlighted by the performance of the Mayan Crystal Skull Ceremony. The Elders, whose traditions have always been kept within their inner circle, have been instructed to perform all of their ceremonies in public from this point on; for this reason, the Ceremony of the Thirteen Crystal Skulls, a ceremony that was last performed 26,000 years ago, will be open to the general public.

“Unify , the organization that is sponsored by the people who gave us ‘Live Aid’, ”We are the World’, and other mega-events with a humanitarian purpose, has gotten behind Hunbatz Men, Pedro Pablo Chuc Pech, and the Mayan Council and they want to provide a vehicle for the Elders’ message to be spread to every corner of the . In collaboration with Cirque de Soleil, ‘’, , Santana, Elevate Films, and others, all of the above have come together to sponsor a series of spectacular performances that will carry the seeds that are sown in the soon to be actualized Crystal Skull Ceremonies to hearts and minds all over the planet.”

If you had any doubt to the times we live in, let them go and open your personal gateway to the elevated energies that seek to pour forth over the next moons. If the sweet, quiet and somewhat shy Maya are going public with their ceremony, rest assured, a new day is defintely dawning!

One night in the year 2001, I had a very vivid
A Medicine man came to me. Actually, at first, a cloudy and rainy grey, night sky rolled into my dream and then a voice which said, “My name is Thunder, come talk with me. I have much to tell you about the coming times.”

I took it literally. I woke up telling my husband, I must go see this medicine man. After some computer research, I realized he did actually exist, I could find him in Northern . Away I travelled, as quick as I could manifest it, bearing gifts befit any medicine person of high rank, only to be informed along the way (from Belize to ) that Rolling Thunder had died many years prior. I was so dismayed, and confused. Now, what did my dream intend to convey?

All I could do at this point in time was learn Rolling Thunder’s message. He had spoken to me, he had called me, he was dead and so I had an obligation to learn of his life and his words. I have heard it said again and again that in the new earth energies, we shall return to the old ways, so in this article all I can convey is the laws of the old ways, somewhat akin to the Ten Commandments, these laws are the way of the indigienous spirit and into the future, the Laws as set forth by Great Spirit for all humanity. These are the simple laws we must follow in the land of two suns…

Rolling Thunder Speaks a Message for Turtle Island
The Seven Laws of the Great Spirit

“We have seven laws to guide us and advise us in our daily lives. The whites have ten called “commandments,” another example of English as military language, and it doesn’t sound good in song. Our languages are soft and musical, but we do the best we can to make things clear and to educate people in English.
We were given the code, the seven laws, by the Great Spirit himself a long time ago. An old Indian man who’s been gone for many years gave it to me a long time ago. I’d almost forgotten it, but then as I thought about it, it came back to me slowly but surely.

Number one is respect for proper authority. Our Native way of life teaches us respect for grandparents, chiefs, medicine people, and for Grandmother Moon, , and everything that has life. We are a law abiding people; I’ve sat on a few of our courts, In a small case there would be one reaching agreement with both parties in the contest. In a big case like murder or rape, three judges would reach agreement with both parties in contest. There was no appeal except going to the chief’s council, but because everything started out with an agreement for justice, the appeal didn’t usually do any good because the intent was to avoid having to put up with somebody wanting to overrule or destroy their own.

Number two is to preserve and promote the beauties of nature. I don’t believe there is anything like this in the books of Christians, Buddhists, or Muslims, but there should be.

Number three is to judge with kindness and wisdom. The white man’s bible tells you not to judge. Our law is to judge but with kindness and wisdom. Even a little baby starts to judge when it’s born about whether it’s hungry or wants a diaper change, and it will let you know. Great Spirit gave us a brain to use to exercise good judgment, whether it’s about a job or a relationship. We should use judgment in our daily lives so that we are not gullible or taken advantage of.

Number four is moderation in all things. We say that if it helps, it is good. We’re not told don’t do this or don’t do that, but rather to exercise moderation, and that covers a lot. We don’t want to be extremists, and this takes us out of the category of being fanatics.

Number five is to play fair in the game of life. It is not fair to take advantage of old people, women, or children. It is not fair to invade someone else’s land or home and demand that they fight you for it. Beating up your neighbors is not fair. Filling food with preservatives and drinking water with is not fair.

Number six is that a person’s word of honor is sacred. The United States government doesn’t make treaties with counties or states, only with sovereign nations. There were three hundred and ninety-seven treaties in the United States with Indians. All were broken by the government. We are asking these people to be honorable, to stop lying and stealing and breaking treaties. We have to be honorable ourselves if we wish for others to be honest. We have always kept our word, kept our treaties, because it was in our teachings.

Number seven is respect for differences, the basis of Indian teachings. Everything we do in our way of life has to be based on respect for other people and all living things. The Great Spirit made people of different colors like flowers. There are red flowers, white flowers, black flowers, and yellow flowers. These flowers all make us feel good when we look at them, and this is the way it is supposed to be when we walk among other people—we should walk with courtesy and respect, and never with aggression or lies because of their color or nationality. We should only think of beautiful things when we look at other people. People are not all the same, maybe someday we will be, but in any event that’s the white man’s propaganda. don’t believe it. The Creator made us in different colors, different nationalities, and that is the way he intended us to be. The same force put all of us here; all of us are supposed to live and bloom just like the flowers. We know that we all belong here in all our differences, and that we must get along with each other. It would be mighty boring if everyone looked alike.”

What magnificient times…the Mayan Calendar comes to its natural completion of 16.4 billion years of evolution, the Mayan Elders come out of their villages to offer the world highly private initiatory ceremony, the Crystal Skulls are activated, viewed by the world at large and offered to all creation, the Sun and the Comet and the Galaxies are dancing thier way into our lives with magnified energies, the masses worldwide are awake as never before…and 2012 smells like the promised land, is anyone else tasting the nectar yet? Keep the faith, we have almost arrived in full scope and breadth.

Yesterday I was gifted (from the Spirits who guide me) a larger than life lepidolite (the peace stone) purple heart-shaped stone. Remember the significance of the purple heart? It is awarded to soldiers as they return from war for either being wounded, dead or for acts of bravado. Yes, in many ways, all lightworkers have all come out of a war zone and soon it is our time to just sit back and smell the roses and so in the land of two suns, I extend to you, child of the light, your very own purple heart!

Fully decorated then, I am off to Bend, to stand in awe of those fourteen white buffaloes whose birth heralded this New Age,

Navajo Jaguar Woman