I don't know how reliable the information is. I've never heard of ET's from Pluto. But there is a first time for everything.



4 October 2011


The extraterrestrials from another planet that contacted us in that time was from Pluto, a planet located in our solar system.

Information from Pluto:

"Pluto" is a planet in our solar system. It is very far from us and the surface temperature is extremely low.

– The extraterrestrials on Pluto can live for more than ten thousands of years. They are experts in meditation. They informed us that they have spent their time mainly in meditation, therefore it is normal for them to become experts.

– The extraterrestrials on Pluto mainly live in an (like astral ) and spend most time meditating, so they do not feel the freezing temperature. They also have the synthetic for performing their tasks. Here on Earth, they use their synthetic in order to save human from the great disasters.

– "Chieftain of Pluto" is the leader to develop human mind and train Kao Kala group to cooperate with the extraterrestrials and use their equipments to help human in the near future. They are also the experts of dimension. They often open and close the dimensional portals for us to see, and sometimes take us in and out their dimensional portals without our knowing. (The stories will be told later.)

– There are examples of their equipments and technologies for us to learn, but their main purpose is to develop our mind. Teach us to let go of the Five Aggregates, to understand the laws of nature, the sufferings and how to end our sufferings which is exactly the same as Buddhist doctrines. They use their technologies and equipments to teach us, therefore it is easy how to let go and find boredom in the Five Aggregates and all sufferings. Our group had seen their technologies so often that we are certain of the disasters in the future, and they will help us with their technologies.

There are 2 ways to travel from Pluto to Earth.

– Travel by spaceships through dimension, then use their synthetic body to accomplish their together with the extraterrestrials from other planets. Their synthetic body can be seen by the naked eye.

– Travel in the form of energy, start with the massive of light then descend in the form of energy. We see them. They came in the to accomplish their mission that the synthetic body is not needed. Even standing in the same place, we see them.

These are photos showed the synthetic body descending from the ship. The body was small (comparing to the light ball you can see that the light ball is mush bigger than the body). It was glowing and we saw it by the naked eye.

These are photos showed the astral body (energy form) that had descended which normally cannot be seen by the naked eye. These photos taken by Mr.Onawaj from who had been to Kao Kala many times and accidentally caught the energy form on camera. Thanks to Mr.Onawaj.

see photos click http://ufokaokala.com/index.php?topic=4663.msg37981#msg37981