By Predrag Bracanovich

Or is it vice versa: Is this Illusion just a Dream?… You choose, and act upon this statement….

What do you consider a Dream of yours?… When you wake up in the morning, all sweaty and shaken?…. or when You realize that your new state you are 'awaken' in to is still only an illusion?…

Observe yourself very patiently, and try to distinguish what is driving your attention?…. TV gossips, such as wars, weather situations, disasters, conspiracies, financial situations, fame & blame?…

Or you are quite peaceful what is going around you, by simply looking within, you are observing your own breath, your own heart beat, your own feelings?….

This part of our present existence is quite easy to describe as total delusion of imaginary dreams…. What we can see with these pair of eyes is only a 1% of the whole picture of our existence….

What about rest of 99% of real existence?…. Where this part is hidden?…. How come that we can not see it with these eyes and touch it with these hands?….

Maybe, just maybe we are deceiving our ’s with tricks and illusion mirrors, so the 'problems' we are facing suddenly become humongous and irresolvable….

Maybe, just maybe we do not want to acknowledge that we are born in to the prison , called , with all the features of 'nicely' setup and high end lodging, with flat TV and running water and automatic toilet….

And maybe, just maybe we do not want to see prison bars around our mind, pretending so well that this is the only way…. Pretending so well, that we even decided to completely detach our self as creation from the One who created us… our God ….

Where this 'prison' ends, and where the real life starts?…. My view on this question is quite simple and bit humoristic….

I see ourselves as actors who took this upon self, to play this massive Galactic Play, where we are jammed on the stage called Planet Earth… Performing all kind of acts, all kind of experiences, all kind of deeds toward other and self….

We are literally overcrowding the stage, as the lineup for this performance was in so big demand, that Creator have to make some adjustments on the size of the stage to allow so big crew of actors….

As all of us wants to experience this beauty, this challenge of 3rd density where free will freely roams…. where dark is so close with light, where fear is fully intertwined with the Love, where God is seen through millions of different views….

We all choose to be here at this moment, some bit more prepared, some jumped in to the act only with pure courage, and some came fully ready and rehearsed this magnificent event for couple of times before….

There is nothing wrong being here, even if it looks kind of scary from time to time…. There is nothing right in here, as we already know that it was our choice how and what to experience here on Gaia….

There is nothing to complain to Mama and Papa Director, that your contract is quite scary and hard to perform… There is nothing to change in the contract, as you do not like the ending of your character… It was your choice; it was your signature on this contract with Mama and Papa Creator…. And on top of it, it was you who wrote most part of this script….

You can bite the bullet, or simply let it go, you will end up in the perfect spot for your truly magnificent performance of Galactic proportions….

Where I see… This Dream JUST IS…. Perfect as IS…. This illusion is a Dream that you choose to simply BE… At least for this time…..

Love, Predrag