26 October 2011


Isis and Kuthumi,

Duality between the and physical reality.

Is there really a difference between what is spiritual and physical?

This is something to really think about as your inside world is becoming more spiritual.

Many do not reflect this spiritual inside in the outside physical world as many see them as separate.

They are one and the same.

Yes the spiritual world be seen by many, even though many know it exists.

Just like emotions and feelings, they cannot be seen, but they do exist.

They can be seen by others as you reflect them in your outside world.

Then why is it that the spiritual world is still seen as mostly a separate world.

You should know by now that it is only the ways you perceive the physical world that makes it look physical. While in fact it is just as much spiritual as anything else.

Learning and experiencing takes place on many different levels, not just within the human experience, but within many other parts of your being.

You might not see those parts, but you have this feeling or knowing they are there.

When healing is needed, it is needed not just on a human level but many other levels of your being as all is energy and all is connected.

We are finally seeing some of those healing techniques that have shown up in the human world where many do not even believe in a spiritual world at times.

We see this at some of the cancer centers, where people learn that to heal, you need to heal the body, mind and soul.

Can we measure the outcome and advantage of including the mind and soul compared to just healing the body?

Can we measure the healing when only the body is being healed.

They are two different ways of healing and one of them might be right for one person and not for the other.

Can it be measured if they would have chosen the other option?

Each person has their own path and choices along the path.

Let me give you another thought.

Many are looking for answers as to how and why there is a physical and a spiritual world.

They think the spiritual world must be much better, sort of like heaven as described in many religions.

Now in some religions some belief that heaven is described as a place where they go and will find many women as they have pleased their God and killed enough infidels.

That is a bit different than the heavens that many others are looking for or belief in.

You can bring heaven to earth. It is described in many messages.

What if they bring their heaven to earth?

As each person has their free will and choice you have no choice in this matter.

Or do you?

A lot of thought will have to go into this as creating a new reality that is going to be perfect for each and every person on earth is something that each and every person has a choice and say in.

Many have tried to find solutions for this problem and have given it a lot of thought. But is there really a solution as long as you see the physical world separate from the spiritual world?

Each and every person has certain attachments and thoughts, beliefs and more.

People have many different beliefs of what heaven is and what heaven maybe for them.

People are mostly convinced that what they believe and know is right. Yes others might believe heaven is a place full of women, but this is not what they think heaven is like as they know what heaven is going to be or should be and what others might see as heaven is probably wrong.

How much do you really know as you still keep a separation between the physical and spiritual world in many ways.

As many say, anything spiritual cannot be measured. You can measure a pound of sugar, you cannot measure a pound of energy.

But you seem to know some beliefs are right about the spiritual world and others have it completely wrong.

How do you measure right from wrong?

are something that we call attachments.

They keep you attached to something and do not allow you to move further at times until you release the attachment.

What if everyone believed there is no spiritual world.

There is only the physical and that’s it, many still believe this.

You have moved beyond it and found a spiritual world within.

You released an attachment that was a belief system and opened yourself up to a new world of experience to find more parts of yourself within the spiritual world.

Now it’s time to find those spiritual parts of you within the physical world.

Change your way of reflecting yourself in the physical world to a point where the physical world reflects your spiritual world.

Now each person has their own path and choice and you cannot interfere with their path, as you will also have to accept and release all attachment to what you think is right or wrong.

This is to bring in the non-duality way of thinking into the physical world.

As you reflect the spiritual world into the physical world, others will see and follow as they will start to reflect their spiritual world within the physical as well.

This is where you have to have released all attachment to duality, as others are reflecting their spiritual world these others might be reflecting a completely different spiritual world than your spiritual world.

They are on their path and their understanding and experience of the spiritual world is not yours, it is their own and you do not judge unless you want to be judged yourself.

Your spiritual knowledge is what you have learned, others have their own way of learning and might have found different spiritual knowledge.

There is so much knowledge out there to be found, within you but also around you. As all is one, as above so below but also everything that seems outside of you is within you. Each person will find the knowledge they need to know at this point in time and sometimes they will actively search for this.

Each person that is looking within is in fact actively searching for answers, they are not waiting for the answer to come to them, they are looking for it and might find it through the guidance of their own being or guidance that might come from outside their being. Within the oneness there is no difference.

Anything can trigger this, as you read what is out there, something will click and give you the clues needed to find the answer within.

How can you measure what this message has done for you?

Do you thank the for assisting you?

In what way can you thank the messenger?

As you reflect more and more of the spiritual world into the physical world you will find that anything is energy and this energy is being exchanged amongst the people that need certain energies at certain time.

A farmer working on his farm, will put his energy into the he is growing and exchanges this on the market for something you call money.

You and put your energy into this and in return you receive the energy called money to buy the food from the market.

The food is sold for a certain amount of money, does this amount of money really reflect the amount of energy the farmer has put into his food?

How can you measure the amount of energy the farmer has put into for example an apple? How can you measure the amount of energy you put into your work?

You might have to pay one dollar for an apple at one place and two dollars at another place. Some opt for the two dollar apple, others for the one dollar apple.

Are you going to tell them they are wrong in buying the two dollar or buying the one dollar apple and tell them that the apple should have been free as it is energy and energy cannot be measured in any way so should be free.

Or are you going to tell they must go home and grow their own apple?

Are you going to tell the farmer that you cannot measure the amount of energy he has put into growing these apples and he should give them all away for free.

Many think that they should make more money for the work they are doing as they put a great amount of energy in it.

But if you cannot measure the amount of energy that you put into your work, maybe you should work for free as measuring the energy is not possible and you think it should be free if you cannot measure the amount of energy or the work that is done with energy.

From there we move to any form of healing, if you have a headache and you take some medicine. The headache goes away, but how do you know if it was the medicine or if it was the physical body that actually reacted and healed the headache. The medication might have been just a trigger for the human body to think, oh the headache is bothering me, let’s take care of it.

Now this medication, you bought it with money, or energy. How do you measure the result of using it?

There are many uncertainties within the physical and spiritual world as you have not yet completed the transformation into fully reflecting the spiritual world into the physical world.

They have not become one yet.

As you are on your own path, it might not be your path or choice to have them become one. You might just be here to experience the beginning of oneness and not full oneness.

Does this matter, no as your path is yours and yours alone.

Others might have made the choice to follow a different path, they want to find that oneness within and complete their experience of bringing their spiritual world into the physical to become the oneness they need to find.

Does this matter, no as it is their path and their path alone.

Does it matter how they find their oneness?

It seems here we have some different opinions as many seem to think that their knowledge is better or more in line with the spiritual world than what others think is in line with the spiritual world.

Now as we look at the human existence and the spiritual existence.

Humans start as little babies that learn from their surroundings and what they are being taught by their parents. How many of you have supported your child in taking their first steps and taught them how to eat and speak.

Within the spiritual world everyone is expected to do it on their own.

This is not the real truth as many have been supported in many ways to make those little baby steps onto their own path.

As you cannot fully see the spiritual world, you are like this baby that is going to need help at times to take those baby steps.

There is nothing wrong in accepting help, there is nothing wrong in asking for help.

As a parent sees their baby make the first steps alone, they feel the happiness within them and see the happiness within their baby as the baby reflects the happiness from the parents as well as from their own.

Was there an , yes of course in many ways as the parents were supporting the baby with their energy to make those first steps.

Can we measure it? No we cannot. Can we ask money for it? No we cannot as the baby does not have any and it is not expected at that time of their development.

As adults you have made different arrangements and much of what you receive and work for is through the exchange of money.

Spiritual healers, readers, channelers and teachers are finding themselves within a physical world that is different than their spiritual world and they are trying to bring the spiritual world into the physical.

This is where they run into many problems at times as many have found out that to bring the spiritual reality into the physical they are bound by certain rules that many think have to be in place.

As many have taken on the belief system that there is really a difference between the spiritual world within them and the physical world outside of them.
Oneness is where both are the same and there is only the spiritual reality.

Many of these spiritual healers and teachers are here to make a bridge between the spiritual world and the physical world, while they are to abide by the rules of both worlds.

As they are within the physical world, they have to abide by the rules of the money exchange system that is in place. As they abide by the rules of the spiritual world they use the energy exchange system.

The bridge is there to bring both worlds together.

As they work in the physical world they do spiritual work.

As they have to abide by the money exchange system within the physical world they are going to need money to survive within this physical world.

The money exchange system is an energy exchange system just like any other system, but as we cannot measure energy, the healer or will have to do what everyone does and set a price for their services at times.

Just like the farmer sets a price for their apples.

Now it is up to the healer or teacher to measure the amount of energy that is being exchanged and this is where they have to make choices. Just like one farmer will ask one dollar and the other will ask for two dollars.

As the farmer sets his price he will take into account the amount he needs to live and survive as well as how much energy he has put into the apple. Meaning what did he need to grow this apple, how much money did he spend on growing this apple and what is his work worth that was growing this apple.

One farmer might say, I only need the basics to survive and ask one dollar, the other one might say, I need to ask more, as I need to buy new equipment so I will have to ask two dollars.

If these farmers would ask for a donation, what would happen?

Some will not give them anything as they have the belief system that energy cannot be measured and so cannot be paid for in money.

Others might think the apple is only worth 50 cents as they cannot really measure the amount of energy but would like to donate something for the exchange of energy.

What will happen to the farmer if everyone takes on the belief system that you cannot measure the energy involved in growing these apples and so energy /the apples should be free to everyone?

Or the farmer is being paid through the loving energy that you sent him.

If the farmer does not overall receive an average reasonable compensation, well he certainly cannot continue to grow apples.

And all that has been created is one less apple farmer. This is a choice. But the time is here now to examine your creative formulas.

Now we come to the part where many think that teachers, readers and healers are not needed as they are able to find all of what they bring to them, they can find within themselves.

I am not going to argue with this, as this is the truth at all times.

There is however something that many forget, as you make those baby steps and even further along the path, there might be times where your path will guide you towards a teacher as your being is guiding you from within to find the clue or trigger that takes you toward the next step to find more of the knowledge within.

A teacher might be in or on your path as your being knows you need this teacher or healer to take you to the next step of inner oneness.
What are you going to do?

It does not matter if this teacher asks for money, donation or does everything for free.

As you have the belief system that everything is to be found within by you, you might be missing out on finding the next clue to that oneness within.

If you have the belief system that everything is for free, you will pick the teacher that does everything for free, but is it the right teacher for you at that time or are you again missing out on finding the next clue that your being has brought to you.

As the spiritual world and physical world are becoming more one, openness to every possibility is needed.

Oneness is being open to every possibility that presents itself to you.

As you find the oneness within you, you find the oneness within all others.

Many already see that each one of you is within this oneness. So the healer or teacher that is there is in fact within that oneness of everything as well.

The discernment of many is restricted by many belief systems and attachments.

Each person has set out on their own path and has set up certain crossroads within this path as to give the human part choices. It is your discernment that makes the human pick and it does not really matter what choice as they all give a learning experience.

You might have contracted with certain healers and teachers long before you set out on this path to come in and guide your human part in a certain direction.

The human part still has the choice to accept or not.

As you are setting up a certain path as a human and make a decision to follow the divine path of your spiritual being, discernment becomes of a greater importance and discernment is what you need to follow this divine path of your spiritual being.

Now as you let your discernment be influenced by certain belief systems, you are letting your belief system interfere with your divine path.

Releasing all attachments to any and all belief systems is what brings in the discernment that can be clear and precise in what guidance to follow to bring as you work on completing the divine path you have set out for this life time.

Being open to every possibility that might present itself to you is where you will find the oneness you have been looking for.

As oneness is to be found in everything and has no limitations.


Through Petra Margolis
October 26, 2011