Channeled by:
October 23, 2011

Blessings sons and daughters, it is I the , God, the Great , the Source, and other numerous names which describe ME. It has been a long time since I spoke through this child to all of you. There is so much to discuss precious hearts.

It pleases me greatly to see so many dear children working so diligently at making the world better by expressing their unconditional love for the whole world. Your very own God like action that is filled with the of INTENT causes a lot of light to shine around you and this light touches the many people that you are in association with. As we become closer to the Gateway of 11:11:11; it’s even more important to live at the capacity of your God hearts dear ones. There is no time like the present to end childlike jealousies, which are derived from others that are on the same enlightened path as your own. This is the time to together and sharing one common goal. And that goal is to LOVE!

Jealousies, anxieties, harsh criticisms, fact-LESS based opinions are needed to end dear children. These have negative draining energies that are very unhealthy for your precious body, mind and spirit. Accept all people that are awakened and those who are on the path as equal even if they are at a different phase than you. It is not possible dear ones for all of you to be exactly at the same place; there would be no knowledge and wisdom to be shared as it would all be the same. You have been CREATED to be different from each other in order to learn from each other. These differences are part of your eagerness to want to do more, to learn more and to be more. You are curious by nature and you want to experience what you friend is experiencing. But do know what my children? What you friend experiences at one interval of their spiritual growth and what you experience will have two different understandings and outcomes as you both are different.

The competitiveness that has risen over the past few years between the numerous people that are committed as light workers needs to diminish and be reminded that even though each of you has a unique purpose; you are all here to bring Loving Light unto the world that is based from the purest of love that lives within your own hearts. Competitiveness can be healthy as long as it’s respectful and not done to hurt another. Treat each other fairly throughout the journey you have committed to. I love each of you equally, not one more than the other.

The unity that so many are seeking must start with LOVE for yourself, then LOVE for all others. One of the Commandments, Love thy neighbour is a very good example dear ones. Each of you is considered as neighbours even though you may not live next door to each other. Your proximity is one of the Heart and Spirit which is to be considered closer than physical measurements of distance.

Dear children, when you learn to love yourself fully and completely without the ego based notions of love; the freedom you will feel will not only be incredible but you will also feel necessary to share that love with all that you work with, go to school with, do light work with, and with your family and close friends; with everyone. Once this Oneness is achieved with your own heart, you will be able to appreciate those in your life a lot more and be able to love more freely and openly as you will no longer fear such pure love.

Many do fear the purity of this love I speak of because it means one must be able to show their vulnerable side. There is no weakness or shame in your vulnerabilities dear ones; quite the opposite. Within what you consider a vulnerability, is a valuable characteristic that is filled with strength, courage and passion for life. You have persevered through many challenges dear ones and sometimes you forget to congratulate yourself for a job well done. Your friends may have offered you a lot of love and support and your guides did what they do best, they guided; but it is you that completed and pulled through each challenge. It is YOU that succeeded each lesson, no one else. I encourage you to open your lovely hearts as wide as can be to let in the love you so wish to share. Being children of Light and of Love, this is meant to be an easy action. It is understood that such an easy action can be difficult for some of you. Take your time with this dear ones and move at a speed that is just right for you. See your successes each time and build up your confidence that will come from self-love.

You are CREATING a beautiful temple, a temple that is filled with the purest of everything. Each part of yourself that you are re-creating; work with 100% effort and focus. YOU are worth the effort. Some dear ones I have noticed have created something of a schedule that gives focus to a specific area; example, Monday – Chakra balancing; Tuesday, study new Light areas or topics; Wednesday, Merkaba, etc., you get the idea. By creating a schedule, you give yourself sometime to strive for each day rather trying to do many things in one day. Doing all in one day is a lot of work, not only can it add stress when one tries to rush and put in so much, but can cause the person to become drained of . Busy people I have noticed like to work with schedules. And this was merely a suggestion from a FATHER that loves and adores all HIS sons and daughters. As each of has equally been given FREE WILL.

It is now time to end our pleasant conversation. Know that my love for each of you is as endless as Time. I am nearer than you think dear ones, a heartbeat away.

And so it is, the Creator through Julie Miller